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The likely return of the old time safety razor

Updated on January 1, 2013
The return of the safety razor
The return of the safety razor

Like many prices increasing with inflation, the cost of replacement razor blades have become just too expensive for us.

Spending $33 on a pack of razor blades, my husband decided enough was enough, and thankfully instead of deciding to grow a beard requested a nostalgic return to the safety razor for one of his Christmas presents.

He grew up using one these safety razors all the way up till we became married.

He is right the replacement razors we have been purchasing now cost $4.48 each while the single safety razor blade only cost .69 each and they are still available right next to the expensive ones.

If he is lucky with his beard he might be able to squeeze out a week of shaves before having to replace the beard.

This means we have been spending $232 on just razor blades per year.

The replacement razor blades have become so expensive they are now carried behind the theft deterrent holders used to protect such things as small electronics and over the counter drugs.

I found his present through the Duluth Trading Company, but just Google safety razors and you will find several online suppliers.

The cost for the razor itself was about what we have been paying for a pack of blades.

The return of this nostalgic razor in this new era might create some new challenges with disposal of the used blades.

Many may not recall but the older built in medicine cabinets in homes and even hotels had a razor disposal slot cut inside so that used razors would fall down inside the wall.

While we don’t like the idea of used razor blades stacking up inside the wall, the new focus on blood borne pathogens does create a dilemma.

The reality is these really thin blades could stack up for decades and take very little space.

For us we will probably use the red sharps container we already have in the house that we acquired for some home injections. We will just need to find a free drop off place to drop it off, but probably won’t need to worry about that for several years.

If we didn’t already have the container we would probably find a container with a lid that could be secured and cut a small slot in the top of it.

The sharps containers are rather inexpensive and can be purchased at the local drug store where the diabetic supplies are sold.


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