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The woes of buying new pants

Updated on September 11, 2013

Time to time, my mom receives some discount coupons (the kind which offers some percent off the price for several things) from various clothing stores. Not that we shop that much - but it's good to have these when you need to buy more clothing articles at once and do not have a fortune to spend - which is exactly my situation.

That was what prompted us to go shopping one day; new semester had started for me and it was decided, after critical look at my most worn pants (well, all of my pants actually), that I should buy some new ones, just to have some variety in the way I dress (and not have the pants fall off of me in the least appropriate moment).

First of all, I need to say that while upper part of my body is obviously quite ready for ready-make clothing (even if my shoulders are one size smaller than my hips obviously, which can cause problems sometimes), my lower body is very much not. So it's quite easy to buy a blouse, T-shirt or sweatshirt - but buying pair of pants is something I would liken to difficult childbirth.

So, that fateful day we visited library, bought some books at the bookstore and went on our merry way to the nearest mall with the store we had the coupons for. There had been quite a few of people already there, browsing through the store - mostly women, but you could spot quite a few men looking through the shirts and scarfs, too. And since I was told to look for some additions to my wardrobe, not just the pants I came here for, I run ahead of my mom and dad and aimed towards the racks with pullovers. I found some I liked, and then made my way to the stands with pants.

The horror I faced when there!

I swear that whoever is making the ready-make clothing has rather twisted outlook about how "normal" people look like. All of my female friends, as well as some of the male ones, tend to complain about impossibility to find pants which would actually fit without any need to additionally adjust them later. The pants are too wide, too long, too short... It seems to me that you either have to be tiny and slim or tall and possibly a bit overweight, to actually find pants which would fit. If you are anything between or tall and slim or tiny and with some additional kilos, say bye bye to the perfect pair of pants.

I know what I'm talking about. Just that day I tried over 20 pairs of pants. None of them fit. They were too narrow. Those were too wide. Those were too wide and too short. Those were too narrow... All while being the size I usually buy, even one size bigger they just wouldn't fit. I was ready to throw a towel in the shopping ring and call it an epic fail, when my mom brought me four more pair of pants, which I tried on mostly because I hoped to be finally done with it, since after all those dressing up failures I was pretty annoyed and hungry.

And imagine that - the first one had the proper length, just needed to be a bit wider at the waist. The other didn't fit, so I just tossed them away. The third were good at the waist, but were too long. The fourth were the charm this time - proper waist line, proper length, good price...

And one last blow to my female ego. The only pants which actually fit were originally made for men. Oh woe!

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