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Healthy Makeup Liquid Foundation

Updated on October 22, 2013

Whats in Your Foundation



Before making your next purchase for concealer or liquid foundation do your homework. Learn why some expensive name brand concealers and foundation ruin your complexion?

Why Women Get Acne from Cosmetics


Hidden problems with liquid foundations and concealers.

It’s not how much you pay for your foundation that makes it better. It’s not the name brand makeup companies that make the foundation better.

It’s what the liquid foundation or concealer comes in and how your makeup is applied.


Bottles and jars are not a good choice for buying foundations and concealers because they harbor bacteria and virus.

How do bottles and jars harbor bacteria? Everyday all day long. You touch surfaces. You put your makeup on for the day. You are either tipping the bottle over to get foundation on your finger to apply your foundation, or you’re dipping your fingers in the jar of foundation.

Each time you do this your contaminating your makeup. All it takes is for you to forget to wash your hands one time. Then your makeup is contaminated with virus and bacteria which will grow in your foundation/concealer.

The bacteria will grow and you will see blemishes begin to appear on your skin. This is why some women get acne or worse scars on their face. I have seen women put concealer over an infected pimple in hopes to cover it up but, just made the pimple worse.

The best liquid foundation is the kind that sprays on or comes with a pump. Whether you’re on a budget or splurging buy the pump or spray foundation.

Always clean your face before applying any kind of makeup. If you are applying your makeup its best to use a disposable applicator.

Your applicators will also harbor and grow bacteria that cause acne. You want to avoid acne because acne can leave pretty bad scars on your face.

Are You Dipping Fingers in Your Concealers

Are You Going to Switch to Pumps for Your Cosmetics

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