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The effects of Baby Oil on Your Skin and Body

Updated on October 19, 2011

The effects of Baby Oil on skin and body

The effects of Baby Oil on Skin and Body

I saw a man the other day in Sunday school. His face was as smooth as a baby’s. No wrinkles, no age spots, you could still tell his age but not just by his face. You could not tell if he had lived his life in the sun or not. I wondered, “how did this happen.” How could he look so good at his age. So I did the obvious thing and out of curiosity I asked him what his secret was. As you can Imagine, he first let out a “huhh” but then he answered me and I was astonished at his answer as to what he did. But I thought why not. Why is baby oil used every morning as a sunblock a detriment to this man? It very obviously worked for him. Would it work for me?

So I began to research baby oil. And I found out a lot more than I knew about baby’s skin. I had used baby oil on all of my babies, but I had never thought about using it in later life. And why not. Our skin needs as much moisture as it can get. By the time we are out of our twenties and thirties, our skin needs much more care than we are giving it each day. Each day that we get older, our skin dries out much more. We do need to remoisturize our skin whether we are male or female.

There are many more baby oil products in today’s world than there was when I was growing my babies. I found out that there is nighttime baby oil, Baby lotion, A calming touch, baby body wash, and it all smells very good. It is good for hard spots on your feet. In fact it will soften the bottoms of your feet, you can put it on in the daytime as well. It can be used as a sunblock to ward off the sun’s damaging UV rays. But most of it has a calming influence on us when we want to just simply sit down and apply it before we go to sleep. Baby Oil has the ability to soften crow’s feet that occur as we get older, smooth out wrinkles, soften our skins, and just make a person feel better. You say would I use Baby oil? Yes, I have two bottles currently waiting for me on my nightstand and also in the mornings when I arise. It makes me feel better, both by the application of it and the sweet gentle odor of it as it wraps itself on my body.

Through my research I have also found some new uses for baby oil. For instance you can resolve paper shredding sticickiness by putting baby oil on a few pieces of paper and then let the paper shredder have it. It releases the stickiness of the machine and the oil lubricates the machine as it shreds paper. You can also use baby oil as a bargain for baby wipes because when you cut a paper towel roll in half, you end up with two rolls that look like toilet paper. Place these into an airtight container, coffee can. Mix one and a half cups of water and a tablespoon of baby shampoo and baby oil. Pour this mixture over the towels and let it soak in. Then you have a lot of baby wipes without spending a lot of money for them. They smell great and look good.

You can also use baby oil to keep soap scum from building up on shower curtains and shower doors by coating them with a little baby oil. Whoever thought of that. You can also use baby oil to dust. All you have to do is add a little baby oil to a lint free dust cloth. Working in a circular area, apply the oil to wood furniture. After the oil has worked into the wood, go over it again with a clean cloth and work with the grain for a beautiful oil finish to your furniture. Baby oil is also a good bug deterrent. Put some on your skin before you go out among the bugs. Baby Oil can surprise you. I know it surely did surprise me as I wrote this article. There are many other uses for Baby Oil. Go out and buy some. I think that I will go buy some more.


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    • profile image

      Pam 17 months ago

      I'm so confused. I liked your article but I don't understand how baby oil can be used as a sunscreen . Did I miss something? I remember using it when I was 19 (long time ago) as tanning oil and i got an awful burn.

    • profile image

      SitiKitty 5 years ago

      great article...been using baby oil for two days now and I love how soft my skin gets!