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Therapy in a bottle: Review of Korres Showergel

Updated on November 16, 2016

The concept of and the roots of the word apothecary -- so much broader and concerned with whole body wellness than just a "drug store" -- has roots in ancient Greece. in the 2nd Century, Greek physician Galen invented cold cream. Indeed, the highest quality versions still use most of the same ingredients today. Now people can continue to enjoy natural and certified organic Greek botanicals in their body care products with Korres! I was happy to be hosted to experience it.

This family owned company based in Greece, has been going strong since the middle of the 19th century -- long before industrial chemicals were introduced as a normal part of cosmetic ingredients. All those years ago, the company's first product was a cough syrup incorporating local honey and aniseed, itself modeled on a spirit-liqueur the family made, just like some mountain folks here have their recipes for "the family remedy".

What are some of the wholesome ingredients you'll find in the Korres line? Medicinal herbs like calendula, echinacea, hypericum and evening primrose. The hearty flora of Greece are pressed into service: thyme, sage, bay laurel, olive and mastiha. Local yogurt and thyme honey also add benefits to the products.

Now, people talk a good game about "taking more time for" themselves or "spa at home". But the truth of the matter is we're all terribly rushed pretty much all of the time! Korres Showergel comes in well over a dozen exotic fruit and flower scents. They're hydrating and foam up very well. They make the few precious minutes you have in the morning to wash a much more sensual experience.

You'll find about a million uses for a gel such as this outside of the shower, as well. Use it as a foot or hand soak as part of a mani-pedi, wash your delicates, pour some in the tub for a bath. It's a gentle, versatile and deliciously fragranced product!

5 stars for Korres Showergel


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