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Things you have to know about Clothing Labeling Requirements

Updated on April 16, 2013

Even though there are many instructions and procedures related to clothing product labels, consumers should have enough information to make proper take care of their wardrobes.

If you purchase clothing you have to know about the procedures for taking care of it otherwise it will be damaged very soon. You need to clean it regularly to keep it neat and clean. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has made a set of labeling requirements for ensuring that consumers are well informed and those set of labeling requirements are for those clothing producers who supply their commodities to United States for any types of garment products which save from any harm or cover your body.

Here is some information given bellow about garment labeling rules:

1. Producers must place labels on their products which will indicate the fiber content, the country where the product have produced and the brand of the producer including the cleaning methods of the product.

2. For making things easier for the customers product labels should be set in a particular spot of the product so that customers can easily find out the product label of a certain product. There are different kinds of product labels companies may use in their garments such as tags, prints or permanent adhesive which may make a product label long lasting in quality.

3. In the cleaning instructions the producer should give a clear idea about the cloth and in which way it should be cleaned either be washed or dry washed. The producer must be able to confirm that their procedures are really effective and those procedures are really existing. The producer company gain their confidence or evidence of their information from the result of washing or dry washing and as well as industry experience.

4. Those clothing labels which are selected with cleaning directions must have to take in five different characteristics. Among those characteristics first character is whether the clothing needs hand wash or machine wash to clean. If the clothing support machine washing then the producer have to include in the product label what temperature should be used while washing. Bleaching instructions must have to be included in the product label which is the second characteristic of washing. In fact, the product label should have to specify either the clothing should never be bleached or non chlorine bleach is safe in that case. Bleach need not to be referred if all types of bleaches are safe for that product. Thirdly, producers should have to include in the product label either the clothing support machine dry or make it dry in natural process and also include the setting for machine dry if supported. The fourth characteristic is the producer should include the information in the product label if the product needs ironing or not. If it needs ironing the producer also have to include the setting and instructions of ironing. Lastly, washing instructions of certain clothing must have to include by the company to avoid unwanted situation. There are some warnings like do not iron or wash with like colors etc are included by the companies. Often it is seen that those five characteristics are expressed through symbols by some companies.

5. If the clothing supports dry wash, then some warnings should be added if the clothing needs some variations in dry washing. There are many other things which need not to be included in a product label. Product label has a great significance. It influences someone while buying a product.


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