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Betsey Johnson Rose Thong For Men

Updated on May 31, 2010

I was looking for something a little different when I stumbled across these pretty thong panties. Specifically, I was looking for something in black that didn't simply make the body of the wearer disappear. Fashion gurus often state that black is slimming, and it is, it is slimming because it oftentimes acts as a black hole, sucking in the form and figure of the wearer. These panties however, allow the wearer's figure to flaunt itself whilst providing modest and pretty coverage.

They're thong panties, and although I'm personally not a fan of thong panties I cannot allow my personal prejudices to stand in the way of informing my dear readers about these lovely panties.

The first thing that caught my eye was the shine they have. It is most surely the result of the use of modern man made fibers configured in a mesh style and it is is very pretty indeed. As I mentioned before, many black pieces of lingerie simply act as black matte light sinks, but these panties manage to be both black and shiny, an impressive feat. The front and sides are double mesh lined for modesty and I'm thinking, for bonus style points.

The second element that caught my eye was of course the contrasting white floral embroidery that defines the front panel and is flanked on either side by pretty pink feminine bows. If one looks closely, one sees that the top of the white floral embroidery extends slightly beyond the top of the panties, creating a pleasantly ornate scalloped panty line along the center panel. It's designed to work as a focal point, and boy does it work as a focal point. I cannot seem to stop my eyes from focaling on it. (Focaling is a word now.)

There's not much to see at the back of these panties (because they're thong panties) but what little fabric there is at the back is unlined mesh, because you wouldn't want the slim one inch band of material to hide anything back there, would you?

These panties come with a matching bra similarly adorned with contrasting white lace embroidery, and pink satin bows, so if you like low cut demi bras, you'll be in lingerie heaven with this ensemble.

If I'd simply written the words 'black mesh thong' at the beginning of this article without showing you a picture, it's unlikely you'd predict such a darling little garment, which is precisely why it is featured. It manages to deliver on the promised black meshy thongness, whilst also going the extra mile with touches of lace and satin. Lingerie efforts like that deserve to be admired and applauded.


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    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Cute pink bows and mesh, I couldn't wish more.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I'm not into thongs, but after checking these out; I would enjoy having a pair of these panties to wear. They're pretty and look comfortable.


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