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Three Cheers For Convertible Bras For Men

Updated on October 16, 2009

Convertible bras were originally designed to allow women to wear all sorts of naughty pieces of outerwear without exposing their underwear. Men can enjoy the same benefits, plus the additional ones garnered from enjoying the sheer mechanical brilliance employed in the construction of such garments. I mean, to not secure the straps with thread, but to allow them to clip here there and everywhere!? Madness! But brilliant madness, madness you want a piece of.

Wacoal Strapless Lace Convertible Bra

A lace seamless bra would be mostly useless for women wearing low cut, off the shoulder tops, as low cut, off the shoulder tops are generally quite thin and the lace would show right through. I'm also not entirely sure how a seamless bra of the strapless variety could be considered convertible unless.... oh, I see, the straps can be added later! Apparently in this case, only one strap can be added and it must run around the back of one's neck, but I am sure you lingerie lovers won't mind that minor inconvenience now, will you? This bra comes in black and some strange color which they are calling 'Toast', but which looks absolutely nothing like toast, which is usually brown, it's really more a 'bread' color if anything.

Vintage Bouquet Convertible Bra

The only thing vintage about this brassiere is the floral pattern, which I have to say is delightful. Entirely delightful. So delightful that it puts brassieres which flaunt a more modern style to shame. This brassiere would always drink tea with its pinky out, I can tell you that much. It can also convert to being criss cross (for those days you need additional support) halter, and even strapless, if you insist. Bra made by 'Blush'.

Maidenform Convertible Underwire Bra

Convertible and underwire, what a wonderful melding of brassiere technologies! This brassiere is designed for comfort whilst also looking absolutely adorable. It boasts fleece lined wings, though I doubt they really mean fleece as in sheep fleece, because that would be a bit odd. It is probably polar fleece, which has never so much as seen a pole, but rather is manufactured from LDPE derivatives in some soulless factory in northern China. But don't let that worry your pretty little head, it is ever so soft! The color you're currently looking at is called 'Latte / Cocoa'. I would say it is more lavender, and I would also say that if someone brought me a latte that looked anything like this brassiere I would think twice before drinking it.


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      Deke 8 years ago

      Yes their pretty but size isn't, to about 38.