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Three Way to Make Hands Look Slimmer

Updated on June 10, 2013
Nice Manicured Nails
Nice Manicured Nails | Source

Every woman wants slim beautiful looking hands, especially plus size women. Although, its harder to achieve the look when carrying a few extra pounds, its easy to create an illusion of slimness when you put your mind to the task. Below are a few tips to aid the plus size woman in achieving slimmer looking hands.


Fingernails make a big statement about ones hands. When a plus size woman shows off her hands, she wants her nails to always be nice and manicured.

  • Her nails should always be at least medium length
  • Rounded or squared neatly.
  • The nails being polished really doesn't make much of a difference, its the individuals choice
  • Remember, nice manicure nails brings the eyes up and away from the fingers, and onto the more sculpted nails, making the fingers appear longer and slimmer.


Everyone loves rings, big rings, small rings, diamond ring etc...but what about the right ring for you, the plus size woman. We all love nice pretty rings, but when you want your fingers to look slimmer, you need the right ring, and to make fingers look slimmer, you need:

  • A ring with a thin band, which will always make your hands look slimmer.
  • Avoid super size cluster rings and rings with large overbearing designs and symbols.
  • A ring that flatters plus size fingers are the rings with thin bands and single, small gems, even gems with onsets, but never the clunky stuff.
  • Avoid more than two rings per hand, this is ideal for a plus size woman if she wants to have slimmer looking fingers and hands.
  • Delicate rings always emphasizes the fingers and draws the eye up to the beautifully manicured nails.

Watches and Bracelets

Watches and bracelets definitely brings attention to the hands. If a plus size woman wants her hands to appear slimmer, she needs to pick the right wrist accessories. These are the accessories that some women overdo the most, thinner women may get away with more than one bracelet per arm, but a plus size woman has to be more discrete. Watches also can be worn incorrectly, and the tips below can help a plus size woman avoid these accessory mistakes:

  • One bracelet less than half and inch thick is ideal, it makes the hands appear slimmer, because it dangles at the wrist.
  • A beautifully designed gold or silver bracelet is a plus, it will enhance the ring on the finger and make hands appear slimmer and comely.
  • Make sure watches have a small face
  • Small bands are always attractive, no matter if their plastic, metal or ribbons.
  • Remember to always avoid loud/bright colors

The hands are an extremely important part of beauty to all women, we want our hands to be beautiful all the time. The plus size woman has a bit more of a challenge keeping finger looking slim and lovely, but its not an impossible feat. Nails, rings, bracelets and watches can be a big help in hand beautification, and keep plus size women hand happy.


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