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Tigi Bed Head Hard To Get - Review

Updated on July 30, 2012

So, for starters what is texturizing paste? It is basically a styling product, which is actually wax and it gives you maximum hold. When you want to add more definition to your hairstyle, you absolutely need texturizing paste. For instance, we all love straight hair , don’t we? So, after flat ironing the hair, if you apply a tweeny tiny bit of texturizing paste to the ends of layers, the layers of your hair are gonna show up more with added definition. Also, texturzing paste can be used for a lot of other purposes like if you want to hold the curls, keeping bangs out of face (I don’t recommend this for thin hair though), to keep baby hairs in place , if you want to have a messy ponytail – all these require a texturizing paste.

So, I got this TIGI BED HEAD HARD TO GET TEXTURISING PASTE. I bought this for keeping my baby hairs in place and for creating a messy ponytail look. I don’t like to leave my hair down while I am working so I pretty much wear a ponytail or bun everyday . So, I just use this paste when I want to jazz up my ponytail.

I had hard time deciding to buy between TIGI BED HEAD HARD TO GET and TIGI BED HEAD MANIPULATOR. I heard that Bed head manipulator gives you thickness and super maximum hold. Bed head hard to get claims to give light matte ,separation and texture. I finally decided to go with later since I don’t like much junk on my hair. However, in future I am looking forward to try bed head manipulator too.

So, I bought this off online for 18$ from It comes in this little blue tiny round jar- very pretty and attractive , almost like a blue ball. I love this packaging!! Tigi products have funky,trendy packaging ,I say :D . Coming to the texture of texturizing paste XD , its pretty much a white thick wax and smells like candy (sort of sweet candy smell) .

How I Use It

I had hard time getting the right amount of product. Like, its easy to mess up the look if I use too much. It took me a while to decide how much is necessary for the look. I use less than a dime size amount for a messy ponytail . I take it on fingers, rub my palms together and lightly scrunch my hair running my fingers through it. I can get a really good messy ponytail with this one. Seriously, I get the right amount of oomph that I require . If I take more amount of product, my hair falls limp, so I gotto be careful with that.

And I use it keep my baby hairs in place. I take little bit on my fingers and just run it over my baby hairs to make them stick together. This, however , doesn’t stay for a long time. I guess it holds for half day I guess, till evening.

And the downside of the product is the hair soon becomes greasy and limp and you need to wash your hair often. I wash my hair every other day but when If I use this product, I have to wash my hair everyday.

For curls, I use an anti frizz lotion first, then use this product. However, It makes my hair greasy. I don’t really like to use it for my curls.

I use to texturize my layers when I straighten my hair too but not so often. I have no expertise here. I always end up making the ends greasy :D


If you are looking for some light texturizing paste , that doesn’t build up, gives you a reasonable hold, I would surely recommend BedHead Hard To Get. However, if you are looking for strong super maximal hold, you should better try Bed Head Manipulator.

You can get order this online on amazon. If you are from Asia or Eastern countries I suggest you to order from or . Shipping is lot cheaper and faster.

So, have you guys used this product? Let me know your thoughts about it, I’d love to know.

Buy Tigi Bed Bed Hard to Get from Amazon


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