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Tips For Healthy Hair

Updated on April 11, 2013

Every Pakistani woman has a dream of long and healthy hair. If you are tired of wasting money and time on shampoos and conditioners that promise to bring soft, healthy, and shiny hair for you, this is the right time to try something that could really help you in getting healthy hair. Here are some easy to do tips that you would found really helpful for you.

Take a Healthy Diet:

A balanced and healthy diet helps you in maintaining the body functions normal. Do you have any idea, what kind of food ensure healthy hair? Foods that contains good amount of zinc, protein, biotin, and omega-3 fatty acids, are good for healthy hair. Proteins help in repairing brittle hair, promote growth, and maintain the hair color. Women with zinc deficiency may suffer from shedding. If your biotin intake is not sufficient, you may have brittle hair. Omega-3 conditions your hair, maintain a healthy scalp.

  • If you eat some kidney beans daily, you would get zinc, protein, and biotin together.
  • In snack time, have some walnuts, as they are rich in omega-3 and zinc.
  • Poultry products are rich in protein and iron. Try to take chicken or turkey regularly.
  • Have some whole grain cereals and whole wheat bread in breakfast. Whole grains contain good amount of zinc, iron, and essential vitamins B.

Brush your Hair:

  • Try to avoid plastic bristles and wood combs. If you have dry hair, use natural boar bristles to comb you hair, or if you have damp hair, use rubber toothed hair brush.
  • Always brush your hair before taking bath. It will not only remove scalp flakes, but would also stimulate your scalp and increase the blood flow.
  • Wet hair are easy to be broken. So, be careful when you are brushing your wet or damp hair.

Take care of your Hair's Ends:

  • Ends of your hair are more porous, and can be damaged badly if you color your hair without any precautions. Always mist your hair ends before dying them, specially when you are doing it at home.
  • Trim the split and damaged hair ends on regular basis. It will help in improving the overall texture and appearance of your hair.
  • Always try to use color protective products. When you color your hair, the color penetrates the outer layer, thus, damaging hair. The protective products help in repairing the damage and rehydrate hair.

Condition your hair:

  • Use deep conditioners on your hair at-least twice in a week. It helps in strengthening the hair strands.
  • You can use a hair dyer to help the deep conditioner work well. The hot air opens the cuticle, and allow the ingredients of the conditioner to penetrate fully.


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