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Tips for Hair Growth – Know Why Hair Loss Occurs and Tips to Recover From It

Updated on June 23, 2012

Tips for Hair Growth – Know Why Hair Loss Occurs and Tips to Recover From It

Hair is one of the most significant parts of our body, and it is no secret that women, and men alike, like strong and healthy hair. Beautiful hair always complements your looks, regardless of what you wear. However, not all of us are blessed with those very attractive locks that are always a head-turner. There are numerous factors that help conclude the present state of your hair, and the good news is, it is possible to have healthy and strong hair even if your hair is damaged at the moment. With a little extra care and a proper diet, you can now treat your damaged hair.

Hair loss – Why do we suffer from it?

There are hundreds of reasons that lead to damaged hair, and eventually hair loss. In fact, hair loss issues are now rated amongst the five most common problems that dermatologists deal with. Men as well as women fall victim to this, and in severe cases, these (as we all know) lead to early baldness, very thin and brittle hair, and the like. There is, however, a difference in the results when it comes men and women. Women typically are not prone to early baldness as men are when dealing with hair loss problems. On the other hand, they experience other symptoms. Very thin and unmanageable hair that breaks at the slightest pressure is the most common one, among some major differences.

When discussing about hair loss, it is important to mention the reasons behind it. The list is endless, and we highlight below only the most common reasons, stress being one of them. It has been proved that stress is also responsible for other health disorders in the body. While being careful is always good, being constantly stressed about something will hardly help you solve the issue.

Biologically, your genes also play a major role in determining your hair type or whether you will be subjected to early baldness or not. If even a few generations of your family have been experiencing early fallout of their hair, there are chances that you may too. Additionally, this may also occur in women, at least to an extent.

Hormonal changes is one of the most common cause of hair loss, and this especially affects women. Decreased production of testosterone, that is usually attributed to menopause, is very likely to trigger problems of hair fall in women. Moreover, deficiency of proteins and vitamins have been held responsible for hair loss in both men and women. A healthy diet is, in fact, one of the best methods one can employ to counter hair problems, or for that matter, for many disorders that may occur in the human body.

Some tips to grow healthy hair

Healthy hair is attainable, but it does require some effort. You may have already heard about some techniques that help you grown healthy hair, and quickly. However, not all of them work for everyone, and therefore you should determine the type of hair that you have. It is also always advisable that you estimate the damage caused to your hair before applying the techniques. This is important because severely damaged hair may require you consult a dermatologist, and these typical cures might not work for you.

Natural remedies are the best solution if you are looking to have strong and healthy hair at home. Most of the ingredients are commonly available and you will have almost no trouble finding them. Not only do these help in healthy growth of your hair, they also quicken the pace of growth.

  • Take half cup of lentil (black dal) and one tsp of fenugreek seeds. Grind them together so that they form a coarse mixture. Mix this very well with half cup of yogurt and apply it thoroughly on your scalp. Leave the mixture on for a couple of hours and then rinse with natural water. This is an old Asian technique and is well proven for ts functionality.

  • Another method that works very effectively is making a mixture of cinnamon (that has been ground to powder), honey and olive oil. Apply it on your scalp and leave for a minimum of 15 minutes. Wash your hair with normal water.

  • Homemade shampoos are also known to do the trick, and the ingredients you will need for this can be easily obtained. These are amla, sikakai and reetha. Mix about a hundred grams of each in two litres of water and keep on boiling until the liquid vaporizes, and you are only left with half of the initial amount. It is recommended that you use this for at least a few months, since the results are almost guaranteed.

  • Heena leaves and mustard oil are another great combination that you will want to try out, especially with all the positive reviews about this mixture. You will need 4 tsp of the leaves and a cup of mustard oil. Boil these together, and then filter and store. The filtered liquid that you have is good for use on a regular basis, and can help to prevent baldness.

Although we have mentioned only a few techniques, these are the ones that have been proved for best results. You may search the internet for more information about the various methods used for growing healthy hair. Alternatively, you may also download our free digital guide book that lists some of the best ways to grow healthy hair, safely.

Hair loss and vitamins – How deeply are they related

The benefit of vitamins for our body has been long known, and this is precisely why health experts and dermatologists always suggest that we have a healthy and vitamin-rich meal. Now, the current lifestyle that most people have hardly allows them to take proper care of what they eat and the vitamin content in their foods. We now heavily rely on packaged and junk foods, and though these may give an impression of a full stomach, there are hardly any usable nutrients in these foods. The body demands these nutrients for functioning smoothly, and if the same continues for a relatively longer time, a person may eventually be subjected to various disorders, hair loss being one of them.

A healthy body and beautiful hair, both can be accomplished by a naturally healthy diet. Our hair needs more than just vitamin to grow in the fashion that we want it to, and therefore will have to be healthy from the inside. Compiled below is a list of some vitamins that you should essentially include in your meals if you desire healthy and strong hair.

  • Zinc – This trace mineral is of utmost importance to your hair, since it actively participates in the production of sebum in the scalp. Zinc has also been found to have a very good impact on hair shafts. Typically, the hair requires zinc for overall development, since it is also required in many enzymes. Needless to say, zinc deficiency in your body can be on the main reasons of hair loss, and therefore should be avoided.

  • Copper – This forms another trace mineral that is actively required by the body for various functions. One of these is pigmentation, and copper plays an active role in the pigmentation of the skin, hair and eyes. The additional functions performed include cross linking of tissues, and formation of melanin (although indirectly). Gray hair is one of the most commonly observed symptoms of copper deficiency.

  • Choline – Dermatologists have also concluded that sufficient amount of choline in the body can do wonders in hair growth. A study conducted in women for testing tensile strength of hair and morphology proved that choline not only improved the condition of the hair, but also increased the thickness as well as the elasticity of hair.

  • Saw Palmetto Berry Extract – Scientists have discovered hat saw palmetto acts as an excellent amyi-androgen. The functions it performs are related to lowering the DHT levels in the body by more than one methods, and they collectively work to prevent the overall occurrence of hair loss and early baldness.

  • Pygeum Africanum Extract – Hair loss in some cases has been traced to the conversion of testosterone to DHT. The vitamin works to prevent this conversion, thereby helping you battle hair problems.

  • Green Tea Extract – ECCG is amongst the most powerful antioxidants found in this extract, and studies conducted by independent institutes (The Seoul National University College of Medicine and Saitama Cancer Center Research Institute) have proved that green tea extract has capabilities that help trigger growth of hair.

Healthy hair is important, but that can only be possible if you have a healthy body. Eating proper food with the right minerals in it is the perfect key to strong hair.


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    • Anupam Anand profile imageAUTHOR

      Anupam A 

      6 years ago from Bangalore, India

      Ha ha....very soon ;)

    • dotty1 profile image


      6 years ago from In my world

      OO I shalll look forward to those ....and how can I make my hair thicker??? and grow faster please ??? haha

    • Anupam Anand profile imageAUTHOR

      Anupam A 

      6 years ago from Bangalore, India

      Glad you liked them :)

    • Anupam Anand profile imageAUTHOR

      Anupam A 

      6 years ago from Bangalore, India

      Thanks so much for the appreciation. This is my second article here on Hubpages, and it really feels good to know it is helpful.

      I plan to write some more articles on healthy hair and their relation to vitamins, hope you'll like them too :)

      Thanks again!

    • dotty1 profile image


      6 years ago from In my world

      really interesting and great tips :)

    • Cardisa profile image

      Carolee Samuda 

      6 years ago from Jamaica

      Welcome to Hubpages Anupam Anand!

      Very well written hub on hair health. I also love the little tips you have given with the ingredients to use for healthier hear. I heard of green tea extract and will have to get some supplements. Thanks for this very informative article. Have a great day.


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