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Tips for Removing Acrylic Nails Quickly

Updated on September 1, 2012

This is a quick tip. If you have acrylic nails, it is important to take them off as carefully as possible to prevent damage to the underlying nails.

A great way to remove acrylic nails quickly, and pain free is by soaking them in 100% acetone.

Heat it up!

The main ingredient with this is heat! Heat up the acetone and soak your nails in them. This will speed up the process.

Also, if you have a gel top coat, file this layer off before soaking to speed up the process.

Because acetone is very drying, it is important to moisturize the hands and nails afterwards. Just wash the hands with soap and water and then apply olive oil or your favorite lotion.

Who wants to sit for hours soaking off their nails? Who wants to painfully rip the acrylic off their nails? Who wants to have completely damaged natural nails?

I don't! These tips really helped me remove my acrylic nails and I was so relieved.

In the past I was foolish enough to use a horrible mechanical file to file down the acrylic off my nails. I filed to far down damaging my natural nails making them too thin.

Of course when acrylic is placed on natural nails they will cause a little bit of damage. These tips will help prevent more damage.

Think About This!

~How many times have you gotten your nail bed filed and roughened up at the salon before an acrylic nail treatment?

  • This is said to cause more damage and weaken the natural nail.

~How many time have you allowed the nail technician to push back and trim your cuticles?

  • This will increase your risk of developing an infection.

~How many times have you gone to the nail salon and the technician used an old file on your nails?

  • You should request a new one or bring in your own. Nail files can not be sterilized and they can pass fungi and cause increase the risk for infection.

Other Things to Think About...

For your safety, make sure you are working with a technician who is state licensed by the state board. This will most likely ensure that the technician knows what they are doing and will use proper technique.

If you go in to a salon and the fumes are strong, you may want to find a different salon. Strong smelling fumes are a sign of poor ventilation and are very dangerous.

Make sure the tools are properly sterilized during the treatment, by the technician, to prevent sepsis. Also make sure the technician is washing his/her hands regularly.

Enjoy Your Nails!

Majority of the time acrylic nails are safe. There are times when people have reactions to them or develop infection but this is pretty rare.

The best thing to do is to go to professional technicians who know what their doing. Once you have that in place, go out and enjoy being pampered!

Thanks for reading!



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