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Tips for What Matches With your New Red Shoes

Updated on September 30, 2010

Tips for Showing off Your New Red Shoes

What woman doesn't love a great pair of new shoes? Most of us have a collection that goes far beyond what we actually need. There's nothing wrong with that unless you're the kind of gal that's got shoes in your closet that never get worn because you don't really know what to wear with them. The most common culprit of this kind of fashion error is the red shoe.

Red shoes are super hot and look great when they're on display in the window of your favorite shoe store. But you get them home and you often realize that you're not sure what outfit you can wear that will actually make those hot little numbers stand out without looking trashy. Never fear; there are ways to wear the red shoes that will make you love them as much on your feet as you did when you saw them in the window.

Here are some basic tips to follow when dressing to show off those red shoes:

  • Go for grey or black when they're going to the office with you. Yes, it's possible to wear red shoes to the office and look more like a professional than a tart. Although red will go with nearly anything, you'll want to stay subdued here by making the shoes the only really colorful part of your outfit. Pair a black jacket and black skirt with a subdued black or white top and the red shoes will stand out without drawing unwelcome attention. Add red lipstick and a red handbag to head to happy hour drinks after work. (Note that grey works as well as black does with red shoes.)
  • Get flirty and fun with a pink/white/red number. If you're going for a more fun, romantic kind of look then you'll want to stick with the pink/white/red category of clothes. A frilly white top with a pink and white skirt will cute but those red shoes will give it that sense of sexy that you're trying to hint at.
  • Be a burlesque babe. One of the best ways to be sexy with red shoes is to take some hints from the burlesque dance scene. For similar inspiration turn to the rockabilly movement or the photos of 1950s pin-up girls. Clothes that fall into this category would be something along the lines of a black halter dress with red polka dots. Make sure that you've got red lipstick that matches your new red shoes.
  • Patriotic works on holidays - but only for some people. Red is a crucial component of the red, white and blue outfit that you might dare to pull off on the Fourth of July. If you're the kind of woman that can wear cheesy outfits and look cute while doing it then a white and blue sailor dress will look great with red shoes. It's a fun look but you have to have a certain kind of style to pull it off so take some pictures with the digital camera to see if you like what you're looking at.
  • Dark jeans. If you're going to wear jeans or a jean skirt with red shoes then you want to make sure that they're of the dark blue variety. Most women just don't look right trying to pull off light colored denim with red shoes. As long as you've got dark jeans, almost any top should work with the shoes. If you want to draw attention primarily to the shoes, though, stick with a simple top. A white T-shirt, dark jeans and red high heels tells the world that you're a versatile gal with a sexy streak inside.

There aren't too many things that you truly have to stay away from when it comes to wearing red shoes. Most women would say not to wear an all-red outfit or even an all-red top. But the right woman can pull those things off. It really just depends what the look is that you're ultimately trying to achieve. Have fun with what's in your closet and don't be afraid to be bold!


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