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Tips in finding the 'perfect dress'

Updated on July 13, 2009
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Cocktail DressRuffled DressV neck Dress'Cocktail Dress'
Cocktail Dress
Cocktail Dress
Ruffled Dress
Ruffled Dress
V neck Dress
V neck Dress
'Cocktail Dress'
'Cocktail Dress'

Go Figure!

Whatever your boy type - curvy, top - or bottom-heavy, tall and lean - there is surely a dress suited for you. The trick is simple highlight your best assets..

  • Women with smaller bust may add volume to their figure by wearing dresses with ruffless and other embellishments on the bodice.

  • If you have it flaunt it! If you're top-heavy, opt a flattering neckline (V-neck or plunging neckline) for the full bust and balance this with a flowing full skirt. Women who are top-heavy should avoid oranate necklines, embellished bodices and blouson styles.

  • Girls with boyish (long and lean) figure should avoid anything too fitted, which can emphasized a straight silhouette. Instead wear skirts that create the illusion of a curvy figure. Choose pretty colors and soft fabrics for a girlier feel.

  • Girls with hourglass figure (big bust, small waist, big hips) look great in dresses with waistlines to accentuate the waist, like this flowing cocktail dress with a wide belt.


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