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Tips on Cleaning Jewelry at Home

Updated on December 9, 2011

How to Clean Your Jewelry

If you are planning to build a jewelry collection, or perhaps you have inherited a number of them from your mom or grandmother, it is worth getting practicable knowledge on jewelry cleaning and maintenance of your gems. Diamonds are renowned as the ultimate symbolic representation of lasting love, and also the symbol of high maintenance.

Assuming that somebody gave you some real gems, and the diamonds are as flawless as it can possibly be, follow this basic rule: if it is worth insuring your diamonds, it is worth knowing how to clean them. There are other worthwhile buys, and also gifts that are worth accepting, such as birthstones, so be sure to know your birthstone and its symbolisms.

Your birthstone may not be your favorite color, so you need not be too literal with the interpretation; for instance if you met in June a pearl would be a nice idea. Anniversaries, special days and holidays must not be disregarded. Of course, anything from Tiffany's or from a good jewelry dealer such as JewelClub is welcome at any time of the year-- suitors should know this. Gifts are not only for birthdays. Sometimes, the sweetest gifts are those given on random days or in celebration of some achievements.

When it comes to costume jewelry, don't waste a lot time cleaning these. In similar fashion that you only dry-clean the delicate items, so likewise should you pay more attention to the true gems. And if it turns up your engagement ring needs no cleaning, it's probably a fake. Why in the world did you even accept?

Prior to your jewelry cleaning task, check for wobbles or loose gem settings, clasps, locks, or stones. A careful dab of superglue and a gentle clinch with small pliers might be required, but if it needs something more than a common-sense 'tweaking', take it to a jeweler who has all the proper jeweler's tools.

Use a non-abrasive jewelry cleaners to avoid scratching the stone; sandpaper is not suitable for this task. Jewelry cleaning solutions are can be bought in super­markets or jewelry shops, or alternately, you can also use mild soapy water and a cloth.

Wet the cloth with the jewelry cleaning solution and gently wipe and polish. Use another corner of the cloth to rinse and dab clean with clear water. Finally, use another corner to buff the item dry.

Always remember to apply any jewelry cleaning agent sparingly and rinse it off delicately yet thoroughly. When it comes to silver jewelries, the more you use it, the less it tarnishes. This is why silver jewelry is perfect for daily wear.


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