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Tips on How to Have Healthy Hair

Updated on December 3, 2011


As women we tend to do everything to our hair to make it look good. We over use heat, chemicals such as dye, perms and relaxers. We can still use these things but we also have to take care of our hair. These few tips will show you how to keep your hair healthy.

Tip 1 Vitamins

Take a multi vitamon such as a daily woman's vitamin or prenatal. There are also vitamins just for hair that contains biotin and MSM. You can also take certain vitamins and supplements separately. See the list below for a few examples that I use.

Flaxseed Oil: Flaxseed oil can help with hair texture and dry hair.
MSM: Taking MSM can provide stronger hair.
Vitamin E: Improves circulation to the scalp.
Biotin: Helps hair grow very fast.

Tip 2 Use Less Heat

Using too much heat in your hair will dry it out making it brittle and can cause breakage and split ends. Air dry your hair and then blow dry it out if you have to. Or roller set your hair and sit under the dryer. If you don't want it curly, use huge rollers and then wrap the curls in order to maintain body in your hair. This look will last for about a week if you keep wrapping it every night. You will not need to use the flat iron every day if you just wrap your hair every night. Also if you want your ends curled just sleep in a few soft rollers if you can.

Tip 3 Shampoos and Conditioners

Use shampoos and conditioners containing biotin and vitamin E. Conditioners containing jojoba oils and ginseng are essential in helping to keep hair healthy as well. Also, ask your stylist what would be the best kinds of shampoo and conditioner for your hair especially if you use chemicals such as relaxers or dyes.

Tip 4 Take Care of Wet Hair

Wet hair is very delicate. Do not brush it and comb it softly with a wide tooth comb. Also gently pat your hair dry with the towel.

Additional Information

  • In my opinion, biotin is the key to healthy hair and continued hair growth. Eat foods that contain biotin such as soybeans, lentils and brewer' s yeast.
  • If you use chemicals such as dye, perms or relaxers in your hair have someone help you or have a professional do it. Sometimes it is best to pay the professionals.
  • Keep ends clipped. This will cut down on split ends and breakage.
  • If you go swimming in the pool or the beach, wash and condition hair as soon as possible. Chlorine is a very strong chemical that can make hair dry and brittle.


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