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Tips on Looking Feminine for Short Haired Girls

Updated on March 24, 2013
Choosing a short hairstyle doesn't mean you can't look feminine--in fact, many iconic and feminine celebrities have rocked a pixie!
Choosing a short hairstyle doesn't mean you can't look feminine--in fact, many iconic and feminine celebrities have rocked a pixie! | Source

Looking Lovely with Short Hair

Short hair is a daring move--not too many women choose to rock the look. However, with the proliferation of celebrities choosing pixie cuts and other short styles, you may be flirting with the idea of taking off all those extra inches.

However, from childhood we're engrained with the idea that short hair is "for boys" and that to look feminine, you must have long hair. Is there any truth in that? Of course not! Kate Middleton's bouncy curls are not any more or less feminine than Emma Watson's sleek pixie.

If you're still worried about retaining your femininity after cutting your hair, read on for tips that will dispel those fears.

A short hairstyle can not only save time in the mornings, but can highlight your best features!
A short hairstyle can not only save time in the mornings, but can highlight your best features! | Source

Pros of a Short Hairstyle for Women

Short hair can not only be a time-saver, but can also emphasize your beauty.

Saves time: Most short hair styles are wash and go--maybe a bit of product worked in to add shine or texturize. Such a hairstyle can save half an hour or more as compared to longer hair styles, which require blowdrying, heat styling, and hair treatments to protect against split ends and damage.

Highlights your features: Short hair styles also mean you're bold enough to display your features front and center--no more hiding behind a curtain of hair. The right short hairstyle can emphasize beautiful eyes, high cheekbones, and flawless skin. When your facial structure isn't competing with your hair, the special beauty of your face can shine.

Emma Watson chooses a sleek, form-fitting dress to look feminine and stylish with her pixie cut.
Emma Watson chooses a sleek, form-fitting dress to look feminine and stylish with her pixie cut. | Source

Feminine Styles with Short Hair

If you're worried about looking feminine after choosing a short hairstyle, one way to play up your femininity is through clothing styles. Think about your fashion personality--bohemian, ladylike, preppy, etc.--and play up the womanly aspects of that fashion accordingly.

For instance, if you enjoy a bohemian style, choose maxi skirts over jeans; choose tops with lace, embroidery, or a delicate pattern; and stack on the quirky jewelry. If you enjoy a ladylike style, choose a shirtdress and heels instead of your usual capris and flats. If you enjoy a preppy style, ditch the jeans and fitted buttondown for a polo dress and some pearls.

Look for pieces that are distinctive; when you feel feminine in your clothes, you won't be so worried your hairstyle.

Female Celebrities Who've Rocked Short Hair Styles

  • Emma Watson
  • Halle Berry
  • Audrey Hepburn
  • Audrey Tatou
  • Sharon Stone
  • Michelle Williams
  • Anne Hathaway

Feminine Makeup with Short Hair

Another way to play up femininity for short-haired girls is to have fun with makeup. If you normally go without much makeup, add on a coat of mascara and apply some sheer gloss. If makeup is already part of your normal routine, choose one feature to highlight and then experiment with makeup looks. If you love your eyes and want them to pop, play with different eyeshadow looks or add a subtle cat's eye with eyeliner. If your cheekbones are to die for, apply a natural-looking pink or coral blush to add some eye-catching color. Or, if you want to emphasize a beautiful smile, try a bold red lip!

Short Hair for Women: A Bold and Confident Statement

Choosing short hair as a woman sends a message to the world--you're confident not only in your looks, but in yourself as a whole. When you pick a pixie or another short hairdo, it's still easy to look feminine--just follow the tips in this hub and let your confidence shine!


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