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Tips on how to look for a good diamond : the four Cs

Updated on March 9, 2011

Tips on how to look for a good diamond : the four Cs

Diamonds are a precious gemstone and it is one of the most expensive and treasured one. We may wonder what are the necessary things to consider when buying a diamond. Diamond rings are most specially used these days for engagement purposes too. It has been said also that it is woman’s best friend.

Some major institutions like the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) have created certifications based on the four Cs which includes carat, color, clarity and cut. Based on the four Cs we can be able to grade diamonds.

Things to consider when looking for good diamonds : the four Cs

Carat:it is not a measure of a diamond size, but instead it measures the mass. The thing here is that, carat is only one of the measure of the quality of diamonds there are also other things to consider, but its weight is a very important thing to weigh in when talking about diamonds and its values. Diamonds are estimated on a per carat deal.

Tips on how to look for a good diamond : the four Cs

Clarity of the diamond

Clarity as the word implies means the clarity and visibility of the diamond to the human eye, sometimes there infractions and impurities to it. It is the measure of whiteness and the Gemological Institute of America as a way of grading diamonds according to clarity.

Tips on how to look for a good diamond : the four Cs

Cutis simply how diamonds are cut and shape, and this is simply the effort of the jeweller to the art of his/her craftsmanship. The way it is cut will determine how the light will also pass through and the rainbow like ghat we see.

Tips on how to look for a good diamond : the four Cs

Color --The white is the most desired color, but there are more color like brown, yellow, blue. The color grading is from D to Z meaning colorless or white is the most expensive one, and the Z the cheapest, the darkest and not so clear ones.

Additional tips when looking for diamonds:

  • Be sure that the company you are going to buy will issue a certification from GIA
  • When you are buying online, be sure to buy on a site with credible name, there are lots of good sites that sells good gems and jewelries too.
  • Make sure that you know what you like and the value or budget you may have.


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