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Which Apple Watch Strap Should you Buy?

Updated on January 18, 2017
Apple watches are just as sophisticated as the Apple watch itself.
Apple watches are just as sophisticated as the Apple watch itself. | Source

A lot has been said about choosing an Apple watch. In fact, Apple does a great job to enlighten potential buyers of the key selling points they might like in the Apple watches.

Even then, many people struggle when it comes to choosing an Apple watch band. It's not uncommon to find a customer who has a great idea of which Apple variation they want but have hardly any idea on what watch band to buy.

6 Factors to Consider in Buying an Apple Watch Band

1. Compatibility with your existing Apple watches

Different Apple watch band variations are best suited for specific watch models. Link Bracelet, for example, are best suited for use on Apple Watch Sport. Do some due diligence to find out if your preferred watch band will be compatible with the Apple watch(es) you are intending to use the band on.

2. The size of your wrist

It's no brainer that you should choose a watch strand that easily fits on your wrist. Variations such as the Link Bracelet and the the Classic Buckle have their sizes ranging between 38mm and 42mm which can certaily fit on your wrist. If you would rather go for adjustable bands, then the Modern Buckle and the Leather Loop are a solid choice.

3. The price factor

The prices of Apple watch bands range from $40 on the lower side to $500 on the upper side. Whatever band you decide to go for should be dictated by your budget. Don't strain to buy a $400 Link Bracelet while a $140 Leather Loop can function as great.

4. Your fashion preferences

A watch band shouldn't be just about having a strap that holds your watch on your wrist. A watch band can be a chance to showcase your fashion preferences. Apple watch straps come in different colors and material make. Analyse your needs, such as the occasions you will most likely wear your watch to, and base your buying decision on the most appropriate strap on offer.

5. Features and enhancements

Different Apple watch straps have different structures and enhancements. There are those with fold-over clasp system, there are those with magnet links, there is the classic buckle that comes with a stainless steel hardware and even the modern buckle that features a a stainless steel band with a magnetic locking clasp. Research beforehand on which features would best fit your Apple watch so that you can buy a watch band you can be truly proud of.

6. Ease of replacement

This is yet another vital metric you will want to get right. The fact that you won't find Apple watch straps in stock in your local stores dictates that you should ascertain that there are enough supplies from the supplier or authorized merchants.

How to Replace Apple Watch Strap

A Sneek Peak Into Apple Watch Straps Prices

Type of watch band
Material Make
Estimated price
1. Sport band
Fluoroelastomer (rubber)
2. Leather loop
Italian leather
3. Classic buckle
Black leather
4. Milanese loop
Woven stainless steel mesh
5. Modern buckle
Stainless steel magnetic locking clasp
6. Link bracelet
Stainless steel

Where do You buy Your Apple Watch Bands?

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Wrapping it all

Buying an Apple watch band that complements your style requires some fore thinking and due diligence. This guide is a great starting point of hunting for the perfect watch strap.


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