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Tips to Choosing the Best Hairstyle for Yourself

Updated on July 11, 2014

How to Choose the Best Hairstyle for Yourself.

Hair is the glory of a woman, this can never be overemphasized and no matter how little you can afford to spend on your hair as a woman, your hairstyles should be done with great care and professionalism. Choosing a hairstyle for yourself and sticking to it is such a daunting task for women since most of them either do not trust their eyes or do not understand what exactly looks good on them. Are you a lady who wants to look fabulous? Then this article will definitely give you insightful information on how to determine your best hair styles and tips to choosing the best hairstyles for yourself. Here are simple tips to finding hairstyles that will flatter your face and accentuate unleash that beauty you’ve been hiding all along:

Consider the shape of your face.

This is the most important part of determining the hairstyle that looks best on you. Your hairstyle should always compliment the shape of your face to avoid that misplaced look. To determine your face shape, stand in front of a mirror with your head straight, hold your hair back away from your face and make an outline of the edges of your face on the mirror using a tube of lipstick or a cube of cold butter. Faces are usually classified into a round, square, heart-shaped, oval, triangular, long and diamond shapes and these tend to compliment the shapes themselves.

  • For a round face, consider hairstyles that fall below the chin to tone down your slightly wider cheekbones. You may also consider soft layers as they will look good on you.
  • For a square face, curls and long haircuts with layers beginning from the jawline downwards will help soften your wider cheekbones and angular jawline.
  • Having an oval shape may mean versatility in terms of hairstyles as almost all hairstyles look great on this kind of face shape.
  • Heart-shaped faces usually look good with side-swept or brow-skimming bangs as they help downplay your narrower chin.
  • Short hairstyles with much volume and long hairstyles falling at the collar bone or lower should look good on triangular face shapes.
  • For a diamond face shape, use bangs balanced with layers starting from the chin to widen your forehead.
  • Long face shapes should be downplayed by using brow-skimming or side-swept bangs, chin-length bobs or curls and waves as these add width to your face.

Consider your hair type.

The kind of hairstyle you choose has great dependence on the thickness, texture, wave structure of your hair and your hair elasticity. If you have thinner hair strands, you should consider creating layers and having short haircuts or hairstyles that fall at shoulder-level or above to add volume to your hairstyle. The best hairstyles for thick course hair include long hairstyles starting at the chin or below to help pull down the hair as a result of its weight. Normal textured hair is privileged to enjoy both short and long hairstyles. The wave structure of your hair whether straight, wavy or curly, will also determine the kind of hairstyle you choose. Hair elasticity will determine how easily it can be styled by straightening or application of curls and waves. The more elastic your hair is, the better it is for you.

Your lifestyle will also determine the hairstyle that will enhance your looks.

If you are an office woman, you may have to consider more official haircuts and hairstyles like cornrows, braids and simple weaves among others. For women with a more physically engaging lifestyle like sportswomen, easier to maintain hairstyles like cornrows, braids and keeping natural hair will be more effective. Basically, each kind of lifestyle has hairstyles that fit them; a college student’s hairstyle, a rockstar’s hairstyle and a teacher’s hairstyle will by no doubt have a huge difference.

The occasion you are attending will also determine the hairstyle you choose.

Classy hairstyles may be chosen for weddings, more official hairstyles like the bob, will be ideal for corporate meetings while trendy occasions like prom may call for a more edgy hairstyle. More official occasions and meetings usually call for more conservative hairstyles while the funky, trendy and edgy occasions allow you to play around will a little “craziness”. Though, this does not mean that you cannot apply some creativity and personal taste when it comes to these official occasions but this should be done with great care.

Time is also an important factor to consider when choosing your hairstyle.

If you have very little time to have your hair done, you may not consider braids and pony tails as they take too long to plait. On the contrary, if you need to spend very little time to make your hair every morning, you may consider braids or cornrows or easy-to-comb weaves and haircuts to help save on time without compromising your beauty. Ii is of no use choosing a complex hairstyle and need it done in a few hours; this will not only compromise your beauty but will also put the health of your hair at risk.

Your age is also important.

Different hairstyles suit different ages. You will surely not choose edgy hairstyles like the mohawk for an old woman as it will look comic. As one grows older, their hairstyles tend to move toward the more conservative ones. Though, you can be fairly creative with your hair and add some extensions and weaves so as to get that beautiful cool but conservative hairstyle rather than sticking to your natural hair.

Enhancing your strengths and covering your flaws.

It is a fact that our beauty is seen through our strengths. If you have beautiful eyes, then brow-skimming bangs are for you. A long beautiful neck can be emphasized by use of short hairstyles and long layers may be used to hide it for those who find it bad. Cover the flaws on your skin by embracing good skin care techniques. You may also color your hair to emphasize your skin color or eye color.

As a rule, do not wear it if you can’t maintain it. Taking care of some hairstyles is more challenging than others in terms of the expenses incurred and the time needed to maintain them. A good example is for a weave to look beautiful and last longer, you will need to have enough money to buy one of good quality, buy enough gel, oil or spray depending on its type and you will also need to have enough time to comb it frequently. Not doing these will make them lose their sheen, curls if any and volume. If this is a problem for you, then you should consider easy-to-maintain hairstyles like cornrows and braids which require lesser commitments in terms of time and resources.

It is my hope that the above tips to choosing a great hairstyle for yourself together with hygiene, confidence and a sense of style and fashion will get you on the way to being a self-made diva. All the best; achieving this is not rocket science and will never be.

Please feel free to drop your comments, add suggestions and other tips I may have forgotten. Thanks for visiting this hub.

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