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Tips to Go Backless Open Dress

Updated on April 25, 2013

Going backless is a temptation fired by celebrities, who have been showing off acres of gorgeous skin. Although the temptresses like to do a red carpet in complete Hollywood style with one gorgeous low back gown after another, showing off the back to sexy effect can be traced back to several indigenous.

Jennifer Lopez Backless
Jennifer Lopez Backless

Figure this

Whatever the tradition or style, a toned back and a smooth skin are universal attributes if one wishes to air this part of the body in public. While front cleavage occupies pride of place on any human female form, back cleavage is undesirable and unattractive. And even if you are endowed with size zero attributes, a patchy, uneven skin tone and a blemished back are unsightly.

Make sure that you don’t have excess fat, love handles, etc. If you wish to flaunt your back, it has to be worked out. The lower the back, the leaner it has to be.

The bust and the back

And even when the emphasis is on the back, the ubiquitous bust has to be taken into account. Women with a small bust line are luckier because they can carry a low back outfit more easily as they can do without a bra. A peeking bra band is the biggest fashion faux pas.

Even a transparent band looks bad. In case of sagging bust line, make sure that your outfit comes with an attached cup. Or you go with silicon stick-on cups.

The Fit

It is also very important that the outfit is tailor3ed to an immaculate fit. The wide-open expanse is good to air you to summery effect; any further peek-a-boo window can tilt the look towards tackiness. The back should fit correctly, so that one cannot see between the skin and the fabric, straps with a low back outfit for extra support is good.

Get the Us & Vs right

While delving into the plunge of the back line, the width needs to be taken into consideration. If you have a broad back, showing off only half of the back size is a good idea; ensure the back line is not too wide. Most women are comfortable with an open back width of seven to eight inches.

A plunging U going all the way below the waist may be every Hollywood star struck girl’s dream. While the virtues of a well-toned back cannot be stressed upon enough, broad shouldered women are better endowed to go backless. At the end of it all, it’s just your hand on the hips, a seductive tilt of the frame and a coy smile that sums up the attitude to launch a thousand shutterbugs into action!!!!

Olivia Wilde backless dress
Olivia Wilde backless dress

Exercises so you don’t look bad

  • Cardiovascular exercises such as jogging, walking and dancing.
  • Lat pull down is a weight training exercise that involves holding the pulley and pulling it down to the chest and back.
  • Barbell rowing, which involves lying flat on the back, holding the barbell and pulling it down to one’s lower abs.
  • Push-ups.
  • Lower back hyper extension, which involves lying on the floor, putting one’s hands behind the head and lifting the upper body.


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