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Tips to Make Walking in High Heels more Comfortable

Updated on June 19, 2013

For some people, walking in high heels can be burdensome. But for others, it can be really fun! If you are not a skilled high-heels walker, it may be challenging and difficult to get your grip and find the perfect balance to walk confidently and comfortably in high heels. But walking in high heels can be learned. With the right tools and the right tips, you can start walking more stable, comfortable, and confident in high heels.

Nude Pumps from Payless
Nude Pumps from Payless

Find the Right Height of Heels

Nowadays, i find that there are plenty of heel heights to choose from. Kitten heels, 1 inch, 3 inches, even 5 inches - there are just a lot of options for that added height. While it is true that women look great in 3 or 5 inch heels, both heights are just too uncomfortable for beginners. It may be best too choose either 1 inch or 2 inches heels to practice on. Such heels heights can give you a gauge on how it feels to walk in high heels and discover tricks you can do to make walking in higher heel heights more comfortable. Therefore, it is better to choose a heel height you are comfortable in and practice from there. Once you are already skilled with wearing high heels then, you can go for something higher.

Find the Perfect Fit

One thing I hate about wearing some shoes is the are the right size, but not the right fit. Sometimes I find some size 7 shoes unbearable because they are extremely constricting on the toes. This makes wearing high heels all the more uncomfortable and painful. Therefore, it is very important to find the perfect fit of shoes as well. Just because it is the same size as your feet doesn't mean it is the right fit. I find pointy shoes highly uncomfortable because of the constricting toe area. I prefer using round-toe pumps or even better, open-toe heels instead. Fit the shoes before buying to see if it is the perfect fit for your feet.


I am a huge fan of shoe cushions because they can make any shoes feel more comfortable. High heels that have enough cushioning or padding can definitely make walking in high heels more comfortable and less painful. If you really want a pair of high heels but hardly have enough cushioning, you can buy cushions or insoles at different shoes stores such as Baker's. I highly advise going for a silicone pad because they have better abilities to absorb shock and make walking more comfortable.

Chunky Heeled Oxfords from Payless
Chunky Heeled Oxfords from Payless

Thicker Heels

Stiletto heels can be extremely unstable and wobbly because of the very thin heels to support weight. I advise going for something with thicker heels for better stability and balance. Chunky heels are being a trend nowadays again anyway, so not only will you walk more comfortably and stable in heels but also be more trendy.

Slope of the Footbed

Pay attention to the arch of the shoes. Some three inches heels will give you a straight down slope while there are some with a gradual arch that can be more comfortable. If you are flat footed, a straight slope might be more comfortable for you. But for most people with arches, make sure that the slope of the heels forms to your arch perfectly to make walking more comfortable.

The Walk

Walk as if you are wearing flats instead of wearing heels. Place your heel first on the ground then your toe.


Ultimately, the key to wearing high heels comfortably is to practice. Practice wearing high heels whenever you can and soon enough, you will feel as if wearing high heels is a normal thing for you. And surprisingly, you might find wearing flats uncomfortable then!


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