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Tips to Take Care of Leather Belts Perfectly

Updated on June 6, 2016

Belts are one of the most fashionable accessories if you can actually choose the right one and flaunt it with the complementing outfit. Regardless of gender, belts have been in the fashion world for long as a utility cum beautiful accessory. Commonest are the leather belts for men; however nowadays women are seen wearing dress belts too with different outfits like skirts, loose dresses, etc. Leather is often chosen for belts as it is the most durable and flexible material. It is created by tanning the skin and hides of animals, especially cattle hide.

The leather is expensive, and thus, it is only for the people who can afford it. However many replica materials like synthetic leather are nowadays used to make stylish mission belts or Ratchet belts which do not have holes but an auto-buckle system to get locked. The price of genuine leather belts can range from $70 to $500, depending on the design and quality. Various kinds of craftsmanship can be displayed on leather belts as well. You would be surprised to know that nowadays leather is also derived from animals like lizard ostrich, alligators, stingray, deer, shark, buffalo, rabbit, and elk. Thus, the pattern of leather belts is countless in the market today!

Belts can also be great gifts for men! In case you are buying one for your close one or having one of your own, the maintenance regime should be known to prolong its life span. Here are some easy tips -

  1. If the belt is very dirty, like covered with everyday dust or dirt, the best way to clean it is just wiping it with a soft cloth or rag and make sure its dry before you hang it or keep in the cupboard.
  2. If oil or grease is spilled on your belt, take a cloth and blot the liquid stains to give it an instant clean up, it is better to apply a leather-specific product to leather based products and these are easily found at local dry-cleaner store.
  3. After the cleaning is done, always apply cleaner or softener to the slide belts. These softeners have essential oils and replenish the oils that were there in the belt originally.
  4. If your leather belt gets excessively wet, wipe it very well with a cloth to remove the moisture to the ultimate extent and let it lay on a surface to dry completely. Do not use any kind of cloth dryers or hair dryers as it will make it worse and hard to go out of shape.
  5. If any expensive leather belt gets hard stains, the best way out is to take it to the local dry-cleaners and the cleaning would be of professional standard. Proper leather based-products for cleaning should be used or else the belt can be damaged forever.

Belts do not need any high end maintenance but just occasional cleaning and avoiding irreparable stains can give it a prolonged life. When you are buying a belt and wearing it for the first use a water-repellent spray to protect the leather and you can repeat it after every 3 months.

If you are fond of belts, you won't mind buying a few of them that are bit pricey. Even the cheaper ones will fit well in your wardrobes as you can manage a variety for yourself that you can wear on rare occasions. After all, we are living an era of fashion, when most of us are fashion freaks and love to wear trendy accessories like belts. The great thing is that there are a huge variety in the market and you can easily find one of your taste.

Nowadays, belts are no more a stuff that is used to keep the trousers intact, but are also considered as a symbol of high-end fashion statement. Isn't it a great reason to fill your wardrobe with a few of these accessories?


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