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To Hat or Not to Hat, or Go Bare-Headed? You Choose

Updated on March 3, 2019
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I was born in the south. I live in the south and will die in the south. This is only a small part of the memories I share.

The lovely\ Kate Middleton.
The lovely\ Kate Middleton. | Source

A Few Questions About Hats

that I think are timely and need to be asked. Are we so vain that we must adorn ourselves with colorful hats? Why hats anyway? Does anyone know why wearing hats are a fashion statement . . .or do the women of the world take to wearing hats simply because of Princess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton? I really like Kate in whatever hat she has chosen to wear. Of course she looks great without a hat, so why does she wear a hat? Fashion does have its sense, right? But I have never seen her wearing a cap or straw hat. In her case, I guess a line was drawn into the sand one day.

If that be the case, then what about life in the Southern Plantation Days when women were expected to wear those huge hats that covered their face and most of her hair? Lovely? Sure. And that southern drawl that sounded so good—especially when she was explaining what she did each day. In the times that I have watched those documentaries about Southern Traditions and Southern Belle’s and How They Are Brought Up, I have to sit up and take notice because these lovely girls really had to do some work in order to be able to walk and talk a certain way because in most cases, ladies from a prominent family expected the daughters to present themselves in a prestigious way—everyday of the week. Day in and day out. After watching these documentaries, I came away with a lot more respect to these ladies of the South

May I confess something to you? Okay. I do not want you to think that I am making fun or showing the Southern Belle any disrespect, but have you ever wished that the Modern-Day Southern Belles (with their big hats), would show up at some wedding or grand opening wearing her traditional hoop skirt with yards of lace and wearing her big hat, but with an Alabama Crimson Tide logo at the top? I have. And I think it would look fine.

Everything about my Southern Belle scenario works except when these pretty girls invite a large happening, where everyone who’s anyone, shows up and the Southern Belles start to ride the horses that are available courtesy of the home’s owners---then we can only hope that this debacle will end soon giving us the break so we can head home. Never in my life can a Southern Belle look so out-of-place than riding on beautiful Palomino!

Do you think that this girl is lovely?
Do you think that this girl is lovely? | Source

But You Place

Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge wearing a hoop skirt and a Southern Belle riding a pretty horse and us guys and gals can only swoon with awe as she rides by waving us us. Must be the person and whom they are, right?

Then you put the same Duchess of Cambridge atop the same horse and put her wearing a colorful cap with the some Southern saying, and you automatically have a pretty girl with a stupid-looking hoop skirt and big floppy hat riding a horse—but now the people watching her now are bending over with waves of laughter dashing over them.

After all . . .there are some people and some things that do NOT belong together.

March 3, 2019______________________________________

© 2019 Kenneth Avery


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