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Toddler Rain Snow and Winter Boots including Thomas Tank Engine Train Buy Online

Updated on November 5, 2011

The rain and snow that comes with Fall and Winter season is approaching. With the cold comes winter coats, mittens, snowsuits and Boots. It is essential to find boots for your toddler that are a good fit and that will protect them from the snow and rain. Above all else, you should not have to pay a huge price to get them. Below you will find rain boots and snow boots that are within your budget and a sure hit with your little one.

Kamik Boots are a must have for your little one. As featured in USA Today, Chicago Sun and the New York Post, Kamik is a trusted and recommended brand. The technology and make of these boots are with your child's safety and warmth in mind.

Features of Kamik:

  • Waterproof Nylon Upper w/ Foam Backing
  • Removable 6mm Thermal Guard Liner
  • Moisture Wicking Lining
  • Mid foot Adjustable Velcro Strap
  • Nylon Snow Collar w/ Bungee Lock
  • Waterproof & Flexible Rubber Shell
  • Temperature rated to minus 40 degrees
  • Moisture wicking removable lining

Let It Rain

Let it rain with these cute and adorable rain boots. Not only will your child love to make a splash in boots of design, but they will be safe and dry. Rain boots are essential in the Fall and Spring seasons.

Being a parent myself, one thing I know is that kids cannot ressit the urge to jump and play in the water. So let them play in style.

Features of the Rain Boot

  • Rubber outside
  • Rubber sole
  • Waterproof
  • Easy-on handles
  • Skid resistant
  • Moisture absorbing cotton lining.

With the rain comes mud. Fortunately, Rain Boots are easy cleaning, wipe with a rag or towel and good as new!

Toddler Fun!

Consumer review from real customer regarding Sorel Boots-

" I am very happy with my purchase. I live in wisconsin, and for the first time when out on the ice helping new snow-kiters, I had warm feet!"

Sorel Boots have become a trusted and reliable brand of Boots. Known for it's durability, Sorel boots are a must have for the 'snow angel' of your family.

Features Of Sorel

  • Durable water and wind resistant
  • Insulated
  • Waterproof thermal rubber shell
  • Velcro closure
  • Easy-on for child

Boot Advice

To be sure you're kids stay protected from the wind and snow, look for boots that are obviously waterproof with traction out soles and interior insulation. Insulation, of course, is what keeps the cold out and the warm in.

When finding boots for your child, make sure the boot comes above the ankle. The higher the better

I prefer that my child's boots close with Velcro, that way I am assured that the snow is kept out. Also, when your child comes inside, it is much easier to open Velcro than try to undo laces. Whatever design you decide on, just make sure it's a good fit and comfortable. Your little one has a lot of exploring to do in the world of snow and ice!

Keep warm and dry and Enjoy Winter!


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    • Spacey Gracey profile image

      Spacey Gracey 7 years ago from Essex, UK

      Those little pull on boots with the handles are perfect for toddlers who insist on getting themselves dressed.