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The Toeless Socks Guide

Updated on March 17, 2011

Toeless socks? Most people have heard of fingerless gloves, but socks without toes might sound a bit bizarre to some people. Nonetheless toeless socks are pretty popular, and have a variety of uses and benefits. This article takes a look at why these odd looking socks are gaining such a fanbase.

What Are Toeless Socks?

Toeless socks are, as the name suggests, socks without toes. They may be long (calf length), over the knee or short (ankle socks), and come in a variety of styles, patterns and colours. Toeless socks are often worn by women, although they're available for men and children too. They may have fabric between the toes leaving the rest of the toes exposed, or be completely open in the toe area, with no separation between the toes.

Pedi-Sox Pedicure Socks


Why Wear Toeless Socks?

Some people wear toeless socks simply because they like how they look. Unlike normal socks, toeless socks can be worn with between the toe flip-flops – great for people who want to wear their flip flops or sandals in cooler weather. They can also help to keep the feet healthy by allowing the toes to move freely and not get too sweaty.

There is also a variety of toeless sock called the Socklette, from Foot Petals – these are kind of like a cross between socks and legwarmers, and don't actually have any fabric between the toes; instead they just cover half of the foot, and are often worn while waiting for nail polish to dry or while having a pedicure during the colder months.

Toeless socks (often with rubber soles for extra grip) are also used by yoga devotees, to keep the feet warm while practising. These can be worn alone, or over (or under) normal socks. Toeless sports socks are also used by people who do other sports to help keep the feet cool, and may have extra padding on the soles or other reinforcement to make them suitable for this kind of heavy use. These types have fabric between the toes, like fingerless gloves..

Some podiatrists also recommend the use of toeless socks, and some socks without toes have medicinal purposes, such as those made specifically for diabetics (for whom non-restrictive footwear is very important), or for people suffering from complaints such as athletes foot, or mechanical complaints such as Achilles heel.

Where Can You Buy Toeless Socks?

Toeless socks are available in some stores, and are widely available online. Obviously the type you buy will depend on whether you just like the look of them, or need them for some specific purpose, but it's always worth checking sites such as eBay for great bargains.


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      8 years ago

      These are fantastic under open toe booties!


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