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Toothpaste for Acne | Does It Work?

Updated on October 19, 2015

Toothpaste is a paste like substance, which is also called dentifrice. People around the world use toothpaste at least three times a day for oral hygiene- to keep their teeth’s clean and for the mouth to smell pleasant and fresh. In this article however, we will look at another use of the toothpaste, which can be very beneficial. People, especially women, have been using toothpaste for removing pimple and trying to get rid of acne for years now. Acne is a skin condition, which as a result, produces lots of pimples and zits on a person’s face. Sometimes even on their shoulders. Acne is a very real problem for teens and adults a like, it is aggressive and has no cure and sometimes stays with a person their entire life. It can be very damaging to the self-esteem of person as their outlook is affected because of this.

Chemical breakdown of toothpaste- Why is it for acne?

Toothpaste contains many agents and ingredients that fight tough problems of teeth decay, discoloring and smell. Agents like Abrasives, Fluorides, Humectants, Surfactants and Thickeners etc. are present in toothpaste, because of these agents the pimple on the face gets reduced. The toothpaste sucks the oil out of the pimple and reduces its size. The pimple gets dried up and hence we see a reduced pimple on the face. These agents, which were aimed to work for teeth’s, have as a benefit worked for pimples as well. Toothpaste also contains hydrogen peroxide, which is bactericides, and acnes are bacterial infections. So this agent, directly fights the bacteria in each pimple, and kills the bacteria and reduces the pimple as it dries out.

Types of Toothpaste

Choosing the appropriate kind of toothpaste is very important, as each kind of the toothpaste has different results. Following are the different kinds of toothpaste

· Antibacterial toothpaste

· Anti decay toothpaste

· Anti calculus toothpaste

· Desensitizing toothpaste

· Anti plague toothpaste

· Whitening toothpaste

For best results, select toothpaste, which uses the least amount of fluorides. So we recommend antibacterial toothpaste for applying on acnes. Within the flavors of toothpaste, the most popular and most effective toothpaste for pimples is Mint toothpaste.

Steps to Apply and Directions to Follow

Before beginning, there are several things to keep in mind. Start off by locating pimples all across the face, and make sure that the pimples are not bleeding or have puss in them, as they are common for people with acne. In that case, carefully remove the blood or the puss with wet cotton. When this matter has been resolved, move on the next step and take a hold of your toothpaste. Remember that this toothpaste should be carefully selected, according to your preference, medicated and mint toothpastes always have the best result for pimples. After these two instructions have been followed, the following steps will take you through the application.

To begin, wet the face with normal temperature of water, and gently dab a cloth on to the face to dry out some of the water but do not leave the skin completely dry. The face should not be greasy or oily either, so use a moisturizing soap to wash away the impurities. After the face is ready, apply the toothpaste directly on to the pimple. It should look like a dot on the face from a distance and the pimple should be completely covered. After applying the toothpaste, do not touch the surface of the skin and let the toothpaste dry on the skin. The toothpaste on the pimple should be in place for at least a few hours. For best results, apply the toothpaste at night and leave it overnight. When it has been applied for a while, gently rub on the toothpaste to remove it. It should easily come off since it is dry, and do not forget to wash the face again to see the results. There should be visible difference between the sizes of the pimple. If the pimple was causing a little pain before, that too should be reduced. For some, there is instance effect of the toothpaste and the pimple disappears, but if that is not the case, do not be discouraged and repeat the entire again at night.

Why some say, ‘Do not use toothpaste for pimples!’

Using toothpaste on pimples seems like such a simple and inexpensive idea to manage nasty pimples. What is the most amazing about this technique is that it works on many people, and the pimple disappears after a day or two, sometimes overnight. So why are some people advising against it? According to them, while this technique may work and give favourable results, its drawback is the big brown spot. The big brown spot is the unwanted gift the toothpaste replaces with the pimple. These people insist that after toothpaste removes the pimple, it leave a brown spot where the pimple should be. This may be right for sometimes, but most of the time the toothpaste does a clean enough job. The readers should not be disappointed after reading about the big brown spot, but they can use some kind of facial cream for the spot later, IF it occurs that is.

Secondly, acne is said to be more than just a few pimples here and there because of oily or dry skin. Acne occurs due bacterial infections on the face, the lack of proper intake of nutrients and lastly due to weak immune system. Toothpaste cannot help in solving the problem of such a large and complicated scale. Which is why, a person with aggressive acnes do not use simple techniques like toothpaste because they are afraid it would make matters worse for them.

In conclusion, using toothpaste to cure acne is impossible, since it cannot be cured nor can it used as a dermatological solution to the acne problem. However its a cheap reliable and safe quick fix to a very annoying problem. I would recommend medicated cream and proper medication for Acne problem.

Have You Ever Tried Using Toothpaste for Acne?

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      5 years ago

      oh wow !! i will try it ..

    • Bilaras profile image

      Edward Happer MSc 

      5 years ago

      Great i can try that !! Thanks for the info


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