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Top 10 Fragrances for Men 2014

Updated on August 9, 2014

Real style goes further than how you look, all the way to your personal scent. You are a multisensory experience to those around you. How you look and smell affects how people think and feel about you. That’s why it’s important to understand both fashion and fragrance. While most men have a diverse collection of outfits we tend to have only one cologne, which we use for years.

In my opinion every man should have at least 3 fragrances, at a time and not be afraid to try and experiment with new colognes. In top 10 fragrances for men we will look at some new fragrances as well as some established classics.

If you have a stronger odor or live in a country where it is warm and humid, I would recommend going with a stronger fragrance and applying it, as frequently as you need to.

Top rated fragrance for men
Top rated fragrance for men

Light Blue By Dolce & Gabbana For Men Eau De Toilette Spray

This D&G scent has a citrus hint to it and I one could easily use it everyday. It is not too overpowering, so if you like it strong you need to apply more. The fragrance does last for hours though, which is a real plus. It really is more for those who prefer a subtle fragrance. It has a very fresh smell to it and certainly is not too sweet, which can be the case with some fragrances. The smell does linger, but stays pleasant and does not turn into a smell you want to get away from.

Best selling fragrance for men
Best selling fragrance for men

Ck One By Calvin Klein For Men and Women

They say that CK one is a daytime fragrance, but I think you can use it at any time. It has a mixture of scents in it that appeals to most people. It is sweet and quite subtle, which for some guys might not be enough to justify buying it. But if it is a gently, all over fragrance that you are looking for, that you can just splash, on then this is ideal. It is worth getting over the unisex thing as it does work well on men.

Cool fragrance for men
Cool fragrance for men

Hugo by Hugo Boss for Men

The fragrance has citrus, spice and wood hints to it which is up to the individual nose. I found it to be rather strong. You do not need a lot to make an impact. It might be strong but it is not unpleasant to others. It is more powerful in a good way. The best thing for me is it lasts all day. It is quite a unique smell and comes across as a quality cologne.

Mont Blanc Presence

This is quite a spicy fragrance, but is also very clean. It has quite a masculine smell to it but I would say quite refined and more for a nighttime setting, than everyday use. It is in no way overpowering and it does not need much to be applied to your skin. It is woody in smell but in a relaxed way.

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Euphoria Men By Calvin Klein

I find that Euphoria really does last all day long. It is a very clean, sweet fragrance and is ideal for use during the day. You shall not get complaints about your fragrance taking over a room due to its subtlety. However you will get compliments from people, on this cologne.

Eternity By Calvin Klein For Men

If you are looking for a zingy, classic fragrance then this is the one for you. You could find at first it is slightly strong but as the day goes on it mellows out. You only have to apply it a bit before you leave to get over this. It comes across as masculine without blowing your sense of smell. It is more for those who do not like a musky smell.

Ferrari Black

This special Ferrari fragrance is not too strong. It smells quite woody and it is more for a casual use than to wear on special occasions. It is quite soothing and always gets compliments. It does not last all day long, but it retains its smell for a reasonable length of time.

L'eau D'issey By Issey Miyake For Men

This spray is better suited for evening due to its fragrance. I would say it is quite a light citrus smell with a touch of spice. It is not intrusive and will not result in you clearing a room. It comes across as quite elegant therefor making it better for evening use. It is a good classy addition to your cologne and will result in people wanting to know more about your fragrance.

Budget fragrance for men
Budget fragrance for men

Adidas Dynamic Pulse

This Adidas cologne is surprisingly fresh and I can see how it is good for after going to the gym. It is really for daytime or casual use and is light and has citrus tones to it. It is not expensive but still gives a good account of itself. You do not need to spray much to get the scent lasting for a long time.

Lacoste Red Style In Play

Lacoste have developed quite a sweet, spicy fragrance that when used right can make you smell fabulous for hours. It is more for a younger market and does not come across as refined or elegant as others in this price range. But for an everyday cologne it certainly is not offensive.

I hope you enjoyed top 10 fragrances for men. You might also enjoy top 10 gadgets for men and top 10 mafia movies.


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