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Top 10 Most Amazing Jewellery

Updated on October 12, 2016

Every lady has some jewellery items. But sometimes you might feel that they are not that stunning. Something is missing.

They don't have that special something that boosts your self-confidence and makes you feel like a diva or a rock star. Even if it's a regular day and you are not going to a fancy event, you might want to feel like a million bucks.

You need amazing jewellery. Thankfully, thanks to the Internet, you have access to a world of opportunities and can have everything at your doorstep in no time. It can't get easier than this to wear lovely little masterpieces that are nothing short of remarkable.

Here are the top 10 most amazing jewellery items:

1. Across-ear earrings

For a while they were mostly the favourite of more rebel ladies as they were mainly made of simple silver with very simplistic designs such as dragons or snakes. But that all changed when the runways and fashion designers started to realize their great potential.

Now across-ear earrings come in such a variety of shapes, designs, colours and materials that you will definitely fall in love with such interesting accessories. The most beautiful across-ear earrings such as the maya valentino climbing earrings can turn any appearance into a guaranteed success. You just have to own a few.

If you stick to less glamorous metals or you just want to have as many across-ear earrings as you can, you will be pleased to see that the prices can be really reasonable too. When it comes to amazing jewellery, nothing can beat across-ear earrings.


2. Claddagh rings

You might have seen the design featuring two hands holding a crowned heart on rings before. After all, it has been around for a few centuries. Those are the Claddagh rings.

Apart from being visual delights, they are meaningful forms of art. They originate from Ireland and represent friendship, love and loyalty. The name comes from an Irish village.

These 'oldies but goldies' will always be in fashion. If you want to have a bit of fun, you can use it to indicate your current relationship status as there are a few guidelines concerning this matter.

The timeless Claddagh design has become more versatile than anyone has ever thought. Now you can choose between various kinds of metal, according to your budget. Tiny gemstones can creatively ornate the ring, while the heart can be made of an astonishing dazzling big colourful one.

How to wear claddagh ring

3. Upper arm bracelets

These jewellery items might not be the most popular ones out there but wear them and you will see how everyone will pay a closer look to you. As they have significant dimensions, they are usually made of silver or brass. But there is no need to incorporate any precious metal.

An original design is more than enough. Even simple ones look so exotic that they remind of Greek or Egyptian goddesses or queens.

Not to mention that complex upper arm bracelets can be some of the most chic and feminine jewellery items as the designer can incorporate many motifs and materials in the piece. The increased size of the item allows you to fully express your personality.


4. Headbands

Headbands are really feminine and give you a graceful look. Jewellery designers broke the barriers of the regular cloth ones and got all creative with materials and patterns. You can find from thin ones made of tiny pearls to posh tiarras.

Some have the same design all across the item, while others focus on a centrepiece such as a bow or a brooch. Girls love to wear them when attending music festivals.

You can't go wrong with nature leaves, zig zag metals, flowers or snake prints as they won't push the limits of fashion even if it's a regular day.


5. Body chains

While it is true that they are a bit more pretentious when it comes to versatility, they are amazing for events or days when you don't have to wear formal clothes.

You can stick to a thin one made only of chains or go a bit bolder and choose body chains with gemstones too. Once you discover how they attract attention, you will definitely want more of these around.

6. Chokers

Until now only long necklaces have been popular. But things changed and now chokers caught up. They can be made out of nearly any material you can think of so you can adjust their style according to the occasion.

Moreover, as they usually lack precious metals or gemstones, their prices are more affordable. They are great for women who don't have a generous budget. If you want to be trendy but don't want to splurge on jewellery items, you will find chokers just marvellous.


7. Cocktail rings

These jaw-dropping rings inspire inner strength, boldness and charm. The diversity is indeed impressing too.

You can either go for big gemstones like citrine, peridot or amethyst, along with precious metals or go for opaque stones and brass or silver.


8. Lockets

They have been around to remind one of the beloved ones for ages. They can feature exquisite tiny details to make them look like little treasures. You can add photos of your children and carry them with you wherever you go.


9. Pearl bracelets

Pearls might seem like a vintage kind of jewellery material. But it is certainly one that will never get old. And there are many more designs apart from the classic one featuring white pearls.

Pearl bracelets allow you to add a touch of femininity to any outfit. They will look amazing with business suits and help you look more graceful.


10. Victorian pocket watch pendants

The Victorian pocket watches are really too beautiful to be hidden. Look for one with an antique finish to make your pendant look authentic. Go for one that actually works like a watch too and you will just love this amazing jewellery item.

If you want to spice things up and refresh your jewellery collections, these outstanding pieces are must-haves. They will help you make an impression and have an interesting look every time.

Also, due to the variety of designs they can work like a charm and bring admiration when you don't particularly like to be the centre of attention. Go for amazing jewellery and life will be much nicer.

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