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Top 10 Reasons to Choose Women’s Vintage Clothing

Updated on August 27, 2009

 Vintage clothing is popular with both genders but it seems to be particularly popular with women. There are quite a few different reasons why this is true. Women who have already started to enjoy shopping for vintage clothing can tell you about all of the perks. But what about those women who are only just starting to think that women’s vintage clothing could be a good thing to look into? Following you’ll find the top ten reasons that women choose vintage clothing over brand new clothing when doing their shopping. These reasons will help you to decide of womens vintage clothing is right for you.

1. Affordability. Many women start to get interested in shopping for vintage clothes because they believe that used clothing is cheaper than new clothing. The truth is that this depends a lot on what you’re looking for, what type of clothes you normally buy and how much you’re willing to shop around. Some vintage clothing (especially clothing from popular designers) can be expensive because of the fact that it’s rare and may even be collectible. If you normally shop at Target then you may find that shopping for vintage clothing doesn’t really decrease your clothing spending. However, it’s definitely possible to get really great deals on womens vintage clothing and its one way to reduce your clothing spending while still getting great high-quality clothes. So yes, affordability is one reason that women get vintage clothes even if it doesn’t always hold true that vintage clothes are cheaper than new clothes.

2. Unique styles. Perhaps a better reason that women love to shop for vintage clothing is because it offers them the chance to purchase a variety of unique clothing styles. If you like to express yourself through your clothing then this can be a great way to do that. When you shop at new clothing stores you’re going to find that almost all of the styles are the same in any given season. Looking at vintage clothes allows you to choose styles from many eras to create a look that is all your own.

3. The shopping experience is more fun. Many women find that shopping for womens vintage clothing is more fun than shopping for new clothes. This is due in part to the fact that the styles that you browse through are so unique. Womens vintage stores also tend to have a funkier feel to them than the sterile environment of new stores. The entire process of seeking out a great find is a good shopping experience for many women.

4. You are likely to get items that you truly love. Many women find that the vintage clothing they choose is stuff that they really love. That’s because they had to work hard to find it. It’s tough to choose the right piece out of a store filled with different vintage items. By the time you commit to a piece of vintage clothing it’s because you like everything about it. This means that you end up with a wardrobe of clothing that you truly like instead of clothes that you’re just fairly comfortable with. That can make a big difference in your self-esteem when you wear those vintage clothes!

5. Vintage is green. A lot of people are concerned about being green. Buying vintage clothing means that you are being recycled clothing. This is an act that is a green act. Instead of allowing those old clothes to go to the landfill, you’re buying them and making fresh use out of them. If you care about being green then womens vintage clothing is the way to go.

6. The quality of vintage clothing is often better. You can get really high-quality clothing today but it tends to come with a hefty price tag. Clothes were made to be more durable in older times which means that you can get affordable vintage clothing that’s also durable. Your clothes will last longer and be prettier over time because they are designed to be wearable.

7. You may discover new fabrics that you really like. Many women find that there were fabrics that were frequently used in vintage clothing designs that aren’t used as often today. The fabric of a piece of clothing can great alter how well it hangs on your body and flatters your figure. Many women find that uncovering unusual textures and fabrics through vintage shopping helps them to discover clothing options that truly make them look their best.

8. There’s a community for vintage shoppers. Women who enjoy shopping for vintage clothing all have that in common. As a result, a huge community has sprung up for this kind of shopping. You can find blogs, forums and online social networking groups that are devoted to discussing womens vintage shopping. If you like having a community of friends to talk about shopping with then you’ll find that you get one almost instantly when you get into vintage shopping.

9. Vintage clothing can actually be a money-making investment. For many of the reasons discussed above, it’s possible that buying vintage can be something that earns you money over time. Items from some designers may become collectible. Items that last over time can be passed down among generations until they gain value. You can wear these clothes and then sell them later at a profit.

10. It’s cool. Finally, the fact of the matter is that shopping for vintage clothing is really cool right now. It’s trendy. It’s popular. It’s something that the other women that you know are bragging about doing. And therefore that means that you’re kind of cool if you’re someone who gets into shopping for vintage clothing yourself. That’s not a good reason to shop vintage if you don’t have other reasons as well but it’s a nice perk if you enjoy vintage shopping.


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  • Kiki J profile image

    Kiki J 

    9 years ago from Melbourne, Australia

    Agree totally with Kathryn. Vintage and retro buys give you more individuality, fashion does not dictate how you want to look. At least you can find a vivid colour or a style to suit you and your imagination.

  • mysisters profile image


    10 years ago

    Great Hub. I love anything Vintage. Some great places to find vintage clothing is at second hand stores or on

    I also agree that the quality of vintage clothing is better and last a lot longer.

  • breakingnews profile image


    10 years ago from Pakistan

    Thanks for sharing these reasons, and i think Unique styles is most important reason.

  • profile image

    Premium Magazines>> 

    11 years ago

    There is myth among women who are craving for vintage clothing. Myth is that they think vintage clothing and antique clothing is one and the same thing.

  • cjcarter profile image


    11 years ago

    Cool ideas!


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