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Top 10 Tanning Oils

Updated on December 22, 2016

Light To Dark

The Basics Of Tanning

Tan has been the most popular look to have ever since famous fashion designer, Coco Chanel, accidentally came back from a yachting vacation with a deep tan in 1923. Because of her influence, men and women alike have been tanning for nearly a hundred years since that day. Tanning's popularity has led to the growth of many tanning formulas and accessories, like indoor tanning beds and tanning oils. Tanning oils are a concoction of melanin, mineral oils, and other natural oils to help accelerate the tanning process. When light rays from the sun or a tanning booth meet a body, the skin produces melanin, which makes skin appear darker. Tanning oils trap more of the UV rays coming in and also help the skin make more melanin when the rays hit, creating a darker tan. Tanning oils come in spray form, lotions and creams to suit any need. Some tanning oils contain DHA, a sugar compound that helps the skin achieve a bronze tone. When the tanning oil is advertised as a bronzer, this means it contains DHA. There are also tanning oils on the market that contain SPF protection against ultra violet light, to help stop skin damage. Finally, very good tanning oils contain at least one moisturizer. The sun can quickly dehydrate the skin, which is not good for its health or appearance. Moisturizers like vitamin E help to keep skin healthy and even reduce the appearance of wrinkles. All of these features are important to consider when looking for a suitable tanning oil. Below are the top-rated tanning oils on the market today:

Coco Chanel: The Founder of Tanning

10. Panama Jack Amplifier

The first on the list of excellent tanning oils is Panama Jack's Amplifier tanning oil. It comes in a spray bottle for easy application all over the body. The formula contains natural aloe to soothe burning skin and keep it healthy and young looking by moisturizing it. It also contains natural plant, fruit and nut oils from exotic sources to accelerate the tanning process and protect the skin at the same time. It contains no sunscreen, and does not protect the tanner from UV rays. But it is infused with a pleasant tropical smell, which makes it ideal for outdoor tanning, even in climates where tanning is not common practice. Customers who use this product give it excellent reviews and often stay loyal to the brand.

9. Maui Babe Browning Lotion

This imported item from Maui, Hawaii, is a beautiful browning oil that helps the tanning process go faster for a natural, glowing tan. This product has been created from a secret family recipe, but is known to contain aloe for soothing the burning sensation and keeping skin healthy. Because of this and its other secret ingredients, Maui Babe lotion is known as a very safe tanning oil, and works for all skin types, including the very fair. Their oil also cuts down on cracking and peeling. The customers who use this native formula never stray and love the deep tan that they get with its help.

8. Panama Jack Trophy Oil Spray

Panama Jack is back again, but this time with an aerosol solution for quick and even coverage in hard to reach spots. The trophy oil spray is a smooth, non-greasy alternative to the amplifier and is eliminates the hassle of a messy bottle. It offers no protection against UV rays as it is a 0 SPF item. Therefore, it is recommended for tanners who have passed the first initial phase and do not burn easily. However, it is infused with aloe and cocoa butter to soothe and moisturize the skin in the sun and afterward. It is also made up of exotic natural oils to help the skin retain its health and moisture. It is also a very pleasant smelling oil and is great for indoor or outdoor tanning.

7. Designer Skin: Smile! You're Dark

Designer Skin has come up with a product that takes the number 7 slot, called Smile, You're Dark! This spray tanning oil is made up of botanical oils and vitamin oils for skin health and advanced moisture. It also contains bronzing accelerators and a compound called Opti-Glow, to give the skin a radiant tone. The bronzing accelerator is known to help tanners achieve a gorgeous shade of sun-kissed skin while retaining natural moisture. It has nothing but the best reviews from customers worldwide.

6. Key West Bob's Coconut Oil Spray

Key West Bob has the right idea with his pure coconut oil spray. Coconut oil has been used for tanning on the native islands for years, and continues to be one of the best ingredients. Coconut oil moisturizes as well as accelerates the tanning process. The most special feature about this product is the fact that the coconut oil has multiple uses. Customers often use it in the tanning off-season as a skin moisturizer because coconut oil is extremely healthy for the body and skin. It can also be used as a hair oil. Some people wash their hair exclusively in coconut oil to avoid harsh sulfates in shampoo. Also, the oil moisturizes the hair shafts for healthier, softer hair. Key West Bob's coconut oil is no exception. Customers often purchase it year-round for multiple purposes, which makes it a very versatile and excellent product.

5. Banana Boat Ultramist

Banana Boat is known for their sunscreen, but they also make this fabulous Ultramist dark tanning oil. It is an aerosol clear spray that is extremely easy to apply because it is a misty spray. It provides even and complete coverage because of the aerosol. The spray is equipped with SPF 4-8 to protect against damage from UV rays. It also has argan oil for superior moisturizing, keeping the skin supple. The easy grip can has a twist and lock cap, so there is no messing around with caps and bottles after the tanning spray has been applied. Banana Boat is a beacon of excellence in their reviews and customer service, and tanning customers remain satisfied with this product.

4. Rio Body Butter

Rio Body Butter Tanning Oil is number 4 on the list. This is a little known tanning butter that has a ton of special ingredients. The ingredients listed in the formula are as follows: Sesame Seed Oil, Jojoba Oil, Avocado Oil, Macadamia Nut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Carrot Oil, Olive Oil, Vitamin E, (Tocopherol Acetate), Sea Microalgae, and is infused with sweet fragrance. The oil is superb for absorbing the sun's rays and accelerating the production of melanin. It also hydrates the skin and keeps it supple. Sea Microalgae has been known to remove toxins from the body for years. Removing toxins from the body while tanning is good for the skin and and the body on the whole. Customers are extremely satisfied with the tan that this soft butter provides.

3. Hawaiian Tropic Dark Oil

Hawaiian Tropic Dark Tanning Oil is a rich blend of island botanicals, tanning accelerators, and moisturizing vitamin c, d, and e oils to help tanners achieve their goals. The moisturizers keep skin hydrated an supple during and after the tanning process. Customers who do not tan use it as a simple moisturizer because it makes the skin so hydrated and beautiful. The oil can be applied to every nook and cranny of the body and smells like delicious coconut. The oil captures the sun rays and accelerates the melanin to become darker, faster. It has received extreme positive reviews from customers and is a wonderful product.

2. Immoral Tanning Lotion

Immoral Cheater Tanning Lotion is named so because of its amazing special features that ensure a deep, dark bronze tan. The lotion is made up of several different components. For a deep bronzing effect, it contains hemp seed oil, rose hip oil, and caffeine to stimulate the skin. It also has an advanced infusion of hydrating ingredients: organic aloe vera, jojoba oil, vitamin E, Rosemary, Ginger, Green Tea, White Tea, Bergamot, and Ginseng extracts. These ingredients help to hydrate and nourish the skin while tanning, to ward off damage and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. It also has the tingling feature to accelerate the skin's tanning process. It is infused with mango berry fragrance, which makes it great for indoor and outdoor tanning. It also contains SPF for protection against UV rays. Customers give it the highest reviews.

1. Hawaiian Tropic Royal Spray

The cream of the crop at number one is the Hawaiian Tropic Royal Tanning Spray. It is an aerosol spray that goes on clear. Just like the Hawaiian Tropic oil, it accelerates the tanning process, but the application is smooth, non-greasy and easy! The spray also guarantees full and even coverage, getting into those hard to reach spots, like the upper back. It contains island botanicals (plant life) and antioxidants to hydrate, protect and enrich skin. It also has an extremely pleasant island coconut smell, which will last for hours. Customers rave about their amazing tans with the help of this oil. Overall, it is an amazing tanning oil, and with its extra features, a beach goer cannot go wrong with Hawaiian Tropic.

Tan and Silky

Choosing the Right Oil

Choosing the right tanning oil depends on a lot of factors. The tanner must decide if they are going to tan outdoors or indoors and choose a good-smelling tanning oil that does not have mineral oils. Mineral oils damage the acrylic surfaces that tanning beds are made from, so formula is something to consider. A beginning tanner will want to choose a formula that has a bit of sunscreen, to give them more protection when they are laying a base tan. If someone wants to lay on a fast coat, they might want to choose an aerosol spray. The same is true for someone who wants to avoid greasy marks or messy bottles. Experienced tanners might want bronzers or the tingling feature. Some tanners may prefer coconut oil to argan oil. Some tanners may want an oil that doubles as a moisturizer during the cold seasons. The choice of tanning oil all depends on the individual needs of the person tanning. In any tanning case, all the products on the list are excellent and have legions of users and loyal fans who give solid reviews. Every product is a solid and quality item. The choice depends on the customer's special needs.

The Right Oil Makes a Difference

Final Thoughts

Those who choose to tan run a risk of sustaining UV damage from the sun's rays and from indoor tanning options. Even though some options offer some SPF protection and many offer moisturizing oils, there is still a bit of a risk. Damage can result in melanoma or other skin disease. Skin damage mostly results in the advanced appearance of wrinkles. Moisturizers can help and seeing a dermatologist or primary healthcare provider will definitely help. Tanners should always be aware of the risks. For those who do not wish to tan, many of these products still offer a beautiful moisturizing feature that keeps skin extremely supple and soft. Some can also be used on hair. Some customers simply enjoy the smell and rub it on their skin to be fragrant. In any case, the oils have many uses and are beautiful products, no matter how they are used.

Hidden Sun Damage


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