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Top 12 Trending Tattoo Designs

Updated on August 18, 2017
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Freelance Writer and blogger "This is no art, we all can taste life as it is, once we stop judging and start accepting."

Tattoos are getting sexier with every passing year because they are so much demand and innovation in this industry. The imagination of the artist known no limit and hence we are able to choose from so many adorable tattoos. 2017 tattoo styles for men and women are exceptional and unique. Let us see some of best tattoos designs –


1) The most recent trend in tattoo design is tiny tattoo style. They are the cutest petite tattoo on the body that is not attention-grabbing yet display a style statement. This is an impeccable choice for people who are hooked to tattoos but cannot wear a large one due to many reasons.


2) The tattoos locations on a body also have a fondness. The most prevalent location for tattoos are minute tattoo on finger, or behind ear, on neck or on toe and so on… however, there are no rules for the same.


3) The tiny tattoo trend has evolved in recent times and now we can witness many minimalist tiny tattoos taking the front seat. They represent simplicity and can be very impressive.

4) If the above-stated styles are not your cup of tea, then here is a refreshing design of tattooing which represents freedom of expression. This Old School tattoo style is not about simplicity but an expression of thoughts. They can be bold and very colorful. They are also very large in size, covering the complete part of the body.


5) The tribal tattoo is not about symbols and shapes. Each tattoo has a significant meaning hidden within itself and are is unique in design.


6) Geometric Tattoos are one of a kind and are frequently used practice in current years. As a part of modern tattoo art, clear line work is the new fashion of modern tattooing which creates remarkable art in minimalistic trend.


7) Minimalistic tattoos are normally small and concealed under apparel. This is a nice option for people who wish to have a secret body art. These tattoos are generally prepared in a single colour without any kind of shading.


9) One of the oldest and popular forms of tattoo art is Angel wings which suggest about religion and heavenly beings. This form of tattoo art has adapted to new and modern innovation in tattoo trends and has evolved beautifully. This tattoo is still considered as one of the best tattoo ideas.


8) The dot work tattoo is another unicolor trend of tattooing. This is certainly the hardest tattooing practices which create complex pictures and patterns in dot form. The art is frequently used with skinny fine lines and ordered figures.

10) Old-fashioned art origami has also made its way into tattoo trends and now is frequently found inked on people, decorating their body. The tattoo is made is given at such a body part that is visible and can spread joy.


11) Heart tattoo is for emotional human beings and it is a special tattoo art which signifies different meaning for different individuals irrespective of the bearer and his understanding.


12) Hipster culture is the sturdiest tattoo option these days and this form has its unique fashion style and directions.

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