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Top 20 Beauty And Skin Care Products For Summer

Updated on July 9, 2011

Look Beautiful This Summer!

Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder,but looking after one's skin to remain beautiful all the time takes a bit of time, and consistent care in spite of our daily schedules. Irrespective of skin and hair colour, one can make oneself feel and look perfectly beautiful even in the hottest of summers,by simply using the lightest of makeup,exercising regularly for at least 20 minutes a day. Eating plenty of salads and avoiding heavy fatty food and keeping ourselves properly hydrated,bathing daily to prevent body odours and of course, wearing cool and comfortable clothing always. Choosing colours that are light and summery such as pink,yellow,orange,green and blue in your living spaces as well as the clothes you wear makes one enjoy the summer. Accessories enhance the spectacular cool look of any lady. These also make for uplifting and positive moods,whatever the age.

Often, a woman needs to change her makeup products for the summer, in order to take care of her beauty. One needs to combat skin dryness, tanning,hair frizziness,body odour,lip dryness,skin peeling,dark circles around the eyes,etc. Some makeup products in your kit  need to be replaced, with waterproof ones. Depending on one's lifestyle or where one wants to head for a summer holiday, one needs to choose the best beauty products in order to protect the skin, hair and eyes and give the overall amazingly cool look of a beauty enjoying the summer.


Moisturizers are important to keep the skin smooth and dewy during the summer months. Apply with your finger tip or a sponge evenly in a downward motion, never pulling the skin. Prevents drying,and delays onset of wrinkles. Light weight foundation with sun protection for even acne prone skin, and oil control.

Beautiful Shimmery Eye!

Cream eye shadow,a hint of brow powder,eyeliner that shimmers and lasts for hours,without smudging! Water proof as well! And available in fun summery colours! And water proof Mascara to top it all for those lovely long lashes!

Sunscreens and Sunblocks

Whether you head to the beach this summer or the swimming pool,make sure you have adequate protection from the summer sun. Sunscreens are available which allow a tan whereas a sun block filters the harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun that cause a tan and in some cases, skin cancer. Using a higher SPF-30 or more, every 3-4 hours,while in the sun, provides protection.

Lip Protection!

Eyes are always drawn to the lips as we speak especially if gorgeous and full. Make the most of mosturising lipsticks,and glosses. Use a lip pencil to define the outline and use a lip brush for smooth and lasting finish. Nude or light shades while in the sun is recommended.

Nail Colour!

A good manicure and pedicure should be followed up with a double of coat of nail colour to protect and beautify the nails.You can finish off with a top coat, so that it doe not chip off easily. Use shades according to your dress and accessories for added confidence.

For Smooth Skin!

Feel silky smooth all over after losing unwanted hair. Use hair removal creams with moisturizers instead of razors. Feel beautiful all over,in a bikini or a floral summer dress.

Deos & Antiperspirants

Body odour is at its worst for some people during summer. It would be wise to bathe everyday and use a perfumed deo or antiperspirant.

Accessorise For The Cool Look!

In addition to taking care not to get burnt in the sun, your face needs to be protected,particularly your eyes by the bright sunlight. Use trendy sun glasses and wide brimmed hats. Colorful bandannas can protect your hair from harmful effects of the sun while giving you a chic look.

Enjoy the summer with adequate skin care protection! Sip on refreshing fruity or minty liquids to keep from dehydration.


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