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Top 3 Favorite Women's Wear Designers in the U.S. 2012

Updated on September 23, 2012

I'm a sucker for classic pieces with a modern edge and items that make women look strikingly wonderful and stand out. These women's wear designers have done just that with their pieces and have made some series marks in their lanes. Here are my top 3 favorite women's wear designers in the U.S. for 2012/2013

Samantha Black:

SammyB as she is called is the rookie women's wear designer making lots of noise. Her line is definitely not urban, just highly fashionable. She has been fortunate even to even have worked with Alexander McQueen. Catch her designs on Dawn Richards, Elle Varner and other female performers as well as her collections at

Miriam Harris:

She's the creator of FumiDesigns and has had here lines in New York Fashion Week for several years with Seven on 7th welcoming her for several years. Here personal style is great - elegant but modern and edgy. Luckily for us commoners, she makes custom designs as well. Check out her portfolio of designs and custom pieces at

Charity Lovee & Ashley Conjo:

Their fashion baby is 72HourFreekCouture. Based in Texas, the 72 Hour Freek signature item is the bedazzled bra. They also do spiked out corsets and make custom pieces to order.Check out all of 72HourFreek at



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