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Top 4 Sources for Men's Hairstyle Ideas

Updated on July 13, 2013

1. The Internet

It is easy to scour the internet for new hairstyle ideas with all the men's grooming websites that offer free advice on what style fits particular types of hair, what color works best for a particular skin tone, or which cut compliments a certain face shape. Men can easily search for the best styles for their face shape and they can get results for numerous sites that offer step-by-step instructions on how to get the specific style. Such sites are this, and this. There are few sites which offer virtual haircuts where guys can upload photos of themselves and 'try on' various hairstyles and hair colors before deciding which ones fit them best. You can try various hairstyles on this site. For guys who want less hassle they can browse through the thousands of images online and once they have found the image of the style they like, they can simply show it to the hairstylist. Guys often find it hard to describe what they want their hairstyle to look like, so photos can really help the stylist achieve the cut and look that the customer wants.

A virtual hairstyle makeover to try various hairstyles.
A virtual hairstyle makeover to try various hairstyles.

2. Magazines

Magazines may be a low-tech way of showing the hairstylist how a guy wants his hair done, but in some cases a guy goes to the salon totally wondering about what to do with his hair until he finds the style he wants in one of the salon's magazines. Most salons carry magazines devoted solely for the season's latest hairstyles which clueless male customers can flip through for ideas. Some best magazines or books are GQ and Classic Hairstyles.

GQ magazine
GQ magazine

3. Barbershops and Hairstylists

The local salon, barbershop, and hairstylist is also a good source for hair styling and grooming advice. Most hairstylists who specialize in men's hair can recommend the right cut and products. Guys who want to go in, have a nice, flattering haircut in a few minutes can rely on the expertise of their hairstylists if they do not have any ideas on the kind of styles and cuts they want.

4. TV shows and Movies

Most guys simply get their fashion cues from the latest movies or their favorite TV shows. It is not surprising for a guy to sit down in a barber's chair and tell the barber to give him the same haircut as that of Ashton Kutcher or some other popular guy actor. Professional barbers and hairstylists will tell clients if the style they want will not suit them well, and will often work with the client to arrive at a style that is more flattering to him.

Best Movies with Cool Hairstyles

Just Married
Just Married

Ashton Kutcher with shaggy hairstyle.


These are the best common sources for men's hair ideas that men can use if they are stumped about how to style their hair. Free and very accessible, these sources offer any guy the inspiration he needs if he wants to spice up his look with a new haircut.


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