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Top 5 Most Amazing Makeup Collection in my Wishlist

Updated on January 29, 2015

Sometimes I feel a need of leaving the browns and neutrals that I wear to office daily, and sport more vibrant colors. Believe me, it helps a lot in lifting up my mood, and you can also try it out. So, here goes my wish list and below are listed some of the top and bestselling makeup collectibles that I'd love to get this season. Some of these even come from limited edition collection, so if you crave to get any of these, get them soon!

1) MAC Ripe Peach Blush Ombre Spring Colour Forecast 2

This is a limited Edition blush from MAC for this season. It is considered to be the best peachy pink blush, which can give an amazing glow and color to your skin. It has a very subtle golden shimmer which is almost like sheen. However, the amount of shimmer is quite less and it just gives a hint of it to your cheeks. It has a perfect composition to go any time. You can build it according to your day or night time look.

MAC RIPE PEACH Blush Ombre Spring Colour Forecast 2

2) Too Faced Look of Love Set

It is a gorgeous set of products currently available at a deal to steal. The product is designed on the theme of love. It consists of all best selling products of Too Faced. The products are all cruelty free for the animal lovers to indulge in them, without feeling any guilty. You get a complete collection of shades that are quite vibrant and beautiful in themselves. It consists of limited edition trio of spring color that has two colorful eyeshadow shades for the sultry eyes and a blush for that rosy glow on your cheeks.

The set also comes with a Flatbuki brush to help you apply and blend color easily. You also get a full size lip gloss, waterproof mascara and an eyeshadow primer to keep your eyeshadow intact for hours and hours. Another best part about this limited edition set is that you get all these products in a cute zip makeup bag that can hold many more goodies of yours as well.

3) Anastasia The Kit for Perfect Brows and Eyes

This is a kit that is only offered exclusively by Sephora. It gives you a complete set of essentials for your eyebrow and eyes.

Anastasia has enhanced her kit to bring in the products that can build up and improve not only the brows, but the eyes and skin as well. This kit features the following products:

- Cooling Eye Brightener,

- A delicate cream-serum hybrid that helps to cool, tone, soften, and remove puffiness around the eye area, especially after tweezing.

- A Mini Lash Lifting Mascara along with the original brow items,

- Brow Powder Duo,

- Stencils,

- Precision Tweezers,

- Clear Brow Gel,

- Matte Camille Highlighter, and

- A DVD and Instruction Guide.

The tools and the instructions via DVD can help you in professionally shaping your eyebrows that can highlight your face amazingly.

4) Shany Deluxe Traveling Makeup Kit - 64Pc Xx-Large Makeup Kit 2011 Collection

This is claimed to be a highly pigmented makeup kit. The colors are long lasting as well, and you get a huge array of colors. The colors are designed and formulated in a way to compliment each other, so you can play around with them and still remain safe with your experiments.

With every color and every kind of shade in front of you, you can play with your imagination and creative and get that unique look of yours without spending hours finding the right shade here and there.

5) Smashbox Master's Class Style Files

 The Smashbox Master's class Style Files consists of three palettes to take care of your eyes, lips, and cheeks. The set includes all the colors and textures you'd want for your AM look and PM look.

  - The eyeshadow palette along with its 8 shades is versatile enough to go from neutrals to mattes to shimmeries as per your need.

  - You get four cream eyeliners in the eyeliner palette along with two separate eye liner pencils.

  - Lips and Cheek Palette: It offers you two blush shades and two lip glosses.

  - You also get a Photo Finish Lid Primer Packet to help you keep your makeup intact for a long time.

  - Get the look book that features step by step instructions for five different looks

    * Natural Beauty,

    * Jet Setter,

    * Office Chic,

    * Date Night, and

    * Red Carpet Glamour

    * Two face charts to create your own looks

Apart from these, there are various other color collections you can place your hands on this season, which are available at amazing deals on Amazon. Some of these are listed below:


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    • bwhite062007 profile image

      Brianna W 6 years ago from East Coast

      I have desperatley wanted the too faced looks of love set for quite a while now. One kit that I have, that is absolutley amazing, was Sephora's blockbuster kit from last year! All the eyeshadows are greatly pigmented. Can't wait for their next one!

    • CrossWords profile image

      CrossWords 7 years ago

      The fabolous collection from Motives by Loren Ridinger is missing!

      Thumbs up for sure though!!!!

    • calicoaster profile image

      calicoaster 7 years ago

      Wow..thats really cool whaturmissing!! :D

    • whaturmissing profile image

      whaturmissing 7 years ago from Canada

      I just bought the Two Faced Look of Love set and am loving it. Shadow Insurance is great and helps my eyeshadow stay on longer.