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Top 5 Sexiest Male Uniforms

Updated on November 29, 2010

Women love men in uniform. I can't be entirely sure why, but I suspect it has something to do with the implied authority which goes along with it. You'll notice a private is significantly less attractive than, say, a captain or a colonel. Then again, this may have more to do with salary than uniform.. whatever the case, women love a man in uniform. Well, ok, not all uniforms. The Dunkin Donuts guy doesn't inspire my knickers at all, so let me not imply that all one needs is a bit of polyester and a name patch. Nope, I'm afraid you also have to look sexy whilst doing your job, in order for said uniform to be considered sexy. Here are 5 of the sexiest male uniforms on the planet.

The Cop

Yeah, McQueen was a detective, I know. And they dress down. I know that also. Lemme tell you, the holster is enough all on it's own, baby. And the badge, let's not forget the badge. Personally, I find the detective (sans coat, of course) to the be the sexiest -- but any old cop will do. A Texas State Trooper looks particularly hot with their little cowboy hats. Mmmm. Yummy.

The Armed Services Pilot

Regular pilots don't do a whole lot for me, but oooh... navy pilots are soo damned sexy, y'all. As are regular air force pilots and whoever else and whatever else you're all called. Hell, I'd even take a helicopter pilot. As long as you're all geared up. And don't forget the aviator sunglasses!!

By the way, did you realize that Tom Cruise was only 24 in Top Gun? Looks like a little boy, doesn't he? Guess that's cos he was one back then. I'm suddenly feeling the need... to watch Top Gun for the first time in a decade.

The Doctor

There are numerous factors at play with this one. Authority, care-giving, money. And not necessarily in that order, either. Here you see Patrick Dempsey, whom I have never watched in this role, and women are just mad for him. Part of that is simply how gorgeous and studly he is. Part of that is the white coat and scrubs.

And let's not forget Clooney's Doug Ross. Or that Croatian hottie who came in right about the time I stopped watching ER. Hell, even Anthony Edwards was sexy in scrubs! Not that short little man with the Napoleon complex, though. He wasn't very sexy.

The Cowboy

Cowboys -- real cowboys -- are pretty hot. Urban cowboys do not count, however, as they dress more like someone you'd expect to see in a bad John Travolta film. Urban Cowboy, for example. (Scott Glenn was pretty hot in that, though.)

While the cowboy doesn't have a uniform, they do dress in a certain manner which is very recognizable if you live anywhere near ranch and cattle country. Having lived in Texas for close to a decade, I assure you, the cowboy is one fine piece of man to look at.

The Fireman

My older sister used to date some very good looking firemen. She dated one FDNY bloke in particular, who was the epitome of sexiness. Irish (blond and freckled), massive chest, fantastic build, and clever, to boot. Very, very sexy. Personally, I've never dated a fireman, but I did have a group of them help me move a car once. It was a bit like a mentos commercial, and they looked damned sexy in action!


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