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Top Brand Bags and Handbags

Updated on January 31, 2013
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Fake Name Brand Bags

Whether you are shopping for a name brand bag for yourself or someone else, there are some things you need to consider. There are plenty of people both on and offline selling knock-off handbags. In the media, we have heard stories of sellers providing products that look like the real thing. Some sellers have been truthful about the items being knock-offs while others will swear on their mother's grave that the item they are selling is the real thing.So how can you be sure?

First, go to a boutique, department store or an online store that is licensed to sell name brand items. When you become familiar with the original then you will see the flaws in a knock-off. However, some fake handbags are so well made that it is hard to detect the difference.

Next, look for a label, check out the zipper style, feel the fabric both inside and out, and in some cases you can even smell whether it is real or not such as a leather handbag.

Lastly, you will also want to look at the style of the original and compare it to the style of the fake. A pocket may be missing, a tag might not be included, the design may be flawed, etc. Take notice of the manufacturer's mistakes on the fake bag.

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Popular, Quality Women's Handbags

What are some of the popular, quality handbags for women? Well, many women tend to talk about Louis Vuitton, Coach and Burberry. handbags. These bags are like sports cars to upwardly mobile young bachelors, they make a statement! They tell others, "Look at me..." When purchasing bags such as this, they are presented differently. The high-end bags are not hanging on a rack in a department store or cluttered together on a shelf; rather, they are behind a case or neatly arranged on separate shelves in an atmosphere that is well-lit, posh, modern and usually in a part of town that attracts many tourists.

Shopping Tips

Before you shop for any bag, keep the following in mind, so that your sales clerk can do his or her best to assist you.

  • What do you need your bag for? Special occasion, work, school, etc.
  • What will you be putting in your bag? Small items, large items, edible products, clothes, etc.
  • What color do you have in mind?
  • What type of strap do you prefer? Narrow, wide, small, long...
  • How much money are you willing to pay?

Other things to consider:

Do you want the most popular? Most comfortable?

When you take a moment to think about what you want in a bag prior to shopping for it, you will do two things: save time and money. Thanks for stopping by!

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Safety Tips When Carrying a Purse, Handbag

Years ago I had made a terrible error, so busy tending to children, I sat my purse down next to me while my child was in my lap rather than place it on my arm or wrist. Because I did this, I unfortunately left my purse on a public bus with cash, debit card, social security card (which wasn't necessary to keep in my purse since I didn't need it for anything) along with credit cards, etc.. My stomach felt like it dropped down to my toes when I discovered while walking with family members from the bus stop that I and no one else had picked up my purse. Luckily, there was someone who was a bit encouraging and reminded me to pray.

Well God answered prayers that day. A friend of the family contacted the bus station and the bus driver said that one of the riders brought the purse to him. He said he would be coming back through the neighborhood to make stops and that all I had to do was stand at the bus stop and he would come back with my purse!

So I write this piece, because this wasn't the only time that I left a wallet or purse somewhere, but at least I remembered to go back before it was too late. Since my experiences, I do the following when carrying a purse or bag.

1. I purchased a clip to hang my purse within view. For instance, in a bathroom stall that has no hooks and on table. Rather than put my handbag behind me, it sits somewhere in view in front of me.

2. When doing lots of walking, I carry the kind of bag I can wear across my chest or for some of you, you might like to wear your bag around your waist.

3. I will remind those who I am with to watch our bags and will check behind them before leaving a public area.

4. I don't purchase expensive bags just to go out shopping. Rather, I get a cheaper bag, so if something does happen to it, no loss. When going out to a black-tie event or some other special event, I carry a decorative bag with a strap rather than a clutch.

5. If I lay my purse down for a minute, I am sure to keep my body close to it while I look around in case someone wants to walk in my direction.

6. I don't put my handbag in a shopping cart, counter top, conveyor belt, or on the rooftop of a car or trunk. I also avoid placing it on the floor (germs--ugh!)

7. I avoid carrying a purse if I know I am not doing any shopping and instead carry id, keys and money in my coat or jeans pocket. I also have a small cellular phone case type of bag that hold the very minimum of things.

NOTE: When riding public transportation, I take the money out of my purse and anything else I think will attract attention and place it elsewhere.

Hope this helps some of you to be more aware when it comes to your valuables--God bless!

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