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Best Deodorant For Men

Updated on June 10, 2013

Deodorant VS. Antiperspirant

Many people don't know the difference between the two. Deodorants have antibacterial ingredients that reduce odor causing bacteria. Antiperspirants have aluminum salts that actually plug and shrink your pores. This greatly reduces sweating. Some may say the aluminum in antiperspirants are bad for you, but it is a common thing found in many things such as food, utensils, medicines, etc. Both will help with sweating and odor, but the choice is yours.

Old Spice Fresh Scent


Old Spice

The antiperspirant made for men. Old Spice has many many choices of scents from pure sport to after hours. This antiperspirant is fairly inexpensive. It will give you coverage for the majority of the day. People tend to think Old Spice users are more mature and grown up, however some say it's for old people. Depending how old you are or if you just want a mature smell Old Spice is perfect for you.

Popular Scents: Pure Sport, After Hours, Swagger

Clean Comfort


Dove Men Care

This deodorant is great for long term coverage. This is not super popular, but it works great and leaves any user feeling fresh. This deodorant can last up to 48 hours and is perfect for people who need some extra protection. Also this is a no fragrance stick that can reduce the risk of bad odors mixing. Not only is it great for people who need longer protection, but it's good for sensitive skin.


Arm And Hammer Essentials Natural Defense

This may not be the most popular deodorant, but it's powerful, inexpensive, and all natural. This stick can eliminate odors while being aluminum and paraben free. This deodorant not only eliminates bad odors, but reduces sweating for the whole day. Also like Dove's stick, Arm and Hammer it great for sensitive skin, for it will never dry your skin out.




Axe. The most popular antiperspirant among teenage boys. Some people go crazy for it, and some people think it's for immature kids. With all predispositions aside, this is a pretty good stick. There's a huge selection of great smelling scents including phoenix and Kilo. Axe is an antiperspirant so it will prevent sweating more than other deodorants. However it does contain aluminum in it, which is not necessarily a bad thing, but it doesn't have the same label of natural as Arm and Hammer.

Popular Scents: Phoenix, Essence, Dark Temptation, Kilo

Eternity For Men


Calvin Klein

This is by far the classiest deodorant on this list. However it's definitely not the cheapest either. This deodorant successfully keeps you dry and feeling fresh for a long period of time. Calvin Klein has a masculine yet fresh scent. Like Axe this is an antiperspirant, so it does contain things such as aluminum which is again not a bad thing, but something to think about. Price is also something to think about with this stick. You can find other deodorants for $3-$5, but this may cost you around $15-$20 depending where you look. Overall this is a great deodorant that gives you a classy smell.

Which Deodorant Is Best For You

Everyone has a different natural smell. Chemicals from different deodorants cause different people to smell different. Axe may smell great on one person and smell like chemicals and body odor. The best thing to do is just experiment with different scents until you find one that fits your scent and personality.

Immunity To Your Deodorant

Here's something you may not know. You can become immune to your deodorant. Your body can become used to the deodorant you're using and you can temporarily become immune to your deodorant. The best way to avoid this is to cycle through different deodorants. You don't have to use a different stick everyday, but once it's time to get a new stick, choose a different brand or scent.

What's Your Favorite Deodorant Brand?

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    • profile image

      Jacobb9205 3 years ago

      I personally only use Lynx deodorant as all others itch for some reason

    • profile image

      Jasper 4 years ago

      Lol, my girlfriend had been begging me to try Lavilin forever. Finally tried it 6 months ago and I have to agree - it's awesome!!!

    • profile image

      Jonathan 4 years ago

      If you work out a lot, or even moderately, check out Lavilin. My roommate convinced me to try it years ago and I've never thought about switching back since. It's a natural, long-lasting deodorant that works up to 4-5 days for me, depending on the time of year. Can't believe how effective this product is!