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Top 5 Natural Deodorants

Updated on September 15, 2011

Allergies can really be annoying, but never more-so than when you don't even realize you have one and have to suffer through itching and God knows what else until you've sussed it. Well, guess what? Lots of people are allergic to their deodorant and haven't the first clue! The type of allergy they have will vary of course: Some may be fully allergic to most deodorants and some may only be allergic to certain ingredients. In other words, you may only be allergic to a few brands, but be alright with others. Some choose to experiment, whereas others will opt for a fully natural and non-allergenic deodorant. The choice is yours, of course, but I highly recommend checking out the following natural deodorants if you're of a mind to try something new.

Thai Crystal Deodorant

This Thai natural crystal deodorant is absolutely 100% chemical free. Safe to use if you're allergic to aluminum, perfumes, oils, emulsifiers, or propellants. Not only is it incredibly cheap -- they last about a year long! Whether you're looking to save money or save your skin, this is a clever buy. Works via bacterial inhibition (bacteria being the source of sweaty stinkiness) and will not stain your clothes. And yes it's strong enough for men!

Earth Science Natural Deodorant

Earth Science makes several natural deodorant formulas and this one uses the Lichen Plant. There are no additional harsh chemicals and no aluminum. Gentle and long lasting natural protection. Not just for women! And if you prefer non-scented, they make that as well.

French Transit Crystal Deodorant

Another crystal, this body deodorant stick by French Transit is very popular. As with the Thai version, this doesn't contain aluminum chlorohydrate, fragrance, perfumes or chemicals. Note that you may even want to use this on potentially stinky feet! Comprised of natural mineral salts and ammonium alum, this natural crystal deodorant is guaranteed to last for an entire year. Note that it also comes in a roll-on!

Nature's Gate Organic Deodorant

Ok, Nature's Gate is really super serious when it comes to be organic and natural. They state this this deodorant is 100% natural, 70% certified organic, contains vegetable-derived ingredients, including certified organic lemon verbena oil and baking soda to neutralize odors. And this vegan deodorant is totally free of nasties like paraben, aluminum chlorohydrate and propylene glycol. If you have a big time allergy, if you're a super greenie, this is probably the deodorant you want.

Tom's Natural Deodorant

We all know Tom's of Maine, right? They've been around for ages and my grandparents have used their products for eons. Well, they make fabulous natural deodorant and here's the scoop: these deodorants are aluminum free, contain chamomile (for soothing sensitive skin), will inhibit the growth of bacteria, are fragrance-free, and are not tested on animals. of course, if you don't want the plain old sensitive formula, they make several types and I recommend having a look at them.


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