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Updated on April 28, 2018

Why Facial Cleansers, Masks, and Scrubs?

Facial masks are the best investments when dealing with acne prone skin. Not only does facial cleansers, masks, and scrubs help relax it washes out the pores of any and all toxins. Whether deciding to go to a spa or buy one from the local CVS store. Knowing what brands work will save a lot of time and money. There are pros and cons to going to the spa or staying at home. The biggest pro is its the comfort of your home if getting dressed is not appealing all that is needed is getting the product being used and applying. As for going to the spa, someone is doing it all that is required is to lay or sit down and relax.

A cleanser good for the skin after removing makeup is a bubble mask. Eye Lip Face cosmetics offer a variety of bubble masks. Not only is it fun to apply feeling it fizz on the face is what helps relax. Once washing off it starts to work as a cleanser. It is not harsh on the skin, although all three works great the charcoal bubble mask hydrates the skin, removes toxins, and gives the skin a radiant appeal. There are some that will awaken the face to help it start the day such as Clean and Clear morning burst. Its beads burst will every circular motion leaving room for the dull and tired face to brighten up for a full day. While looking for a way to take off makeup without any wipes a facial scrub just might do the trick.

Facial scrubs can be harsher to the skin. Most scrubs contain small beds inside them that do not burst on contact with the skin. However, Alba Botanica acnedote scrub is the best so far. It helps removes and prevents blemish scars. St. Ives apricot scrub may not remove makeup as well as Alba Botanica. They will leave the skin feeling fresh and prevent blemish scars from appearing. This particular scrub does not have to be applied to the entire face, simply applying to the affected areas and rinse off.

Why Facial Systems?

While facial masks and scrubs are budget-friendly to treating acne and taking care of the skin after a long day of work and makeup. There are systems that work for a long-term treatment. Proactiv, X-Out, BioClarity, and many more have put systems into place that allows the treatment to work not only for facial acne, as well as, body acne. Every system has at least three steps Cleanse, Treatment, and Restoration. The companies are affordable, however, they bring something different. Its products are targeted to all sensitive acne and blemish prone skin, as most may know each level of sensitivity varies. Proactiv is geared more towards those who have hypersensitive skin (hair touches your skin and a pimple may appear), while BioClarity is more for those who tend to break due to not properly removing makeup or dieting.

Usually people look at comparing both pros and cons to three step systems, however, we are just going to focus on the pros to both. For the very reason that the product depends on the skin type and how often it is used. When doing anything keep in mind that seeing the result wanted right after treatment is a miracle. It takes time and consistency.

BioClarity brand is known for its green product. The floralux is a restoration gel that helps prevents blemish-causing bacteria from appearing. Of course, to find out more it is best to visit their website and try the product yourself. The acne line is not the only line they have, so whether or not your skin is acne or blemish-prone you're sure to find what you need.

Similarly, to floralux the adapalene which is used in Proactiv products helps speed the process of the clearer skin movement. While this medication can be used for clearing the skin of existing and new forming acne bacteria if not carefully used it will be damaging to the skin.

The best part of every facial mask is trying facial expressions while going through the routine. Let’s face it we all need to spice something up every once in a while especially while conducting the same routine.

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    • Jasmeetk profile image

      Jasmeet Kaur 

      21 months ago from India

      Interesting. Will try!


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