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Top Ten Questions People Have About Long Hair Layers

Updated on October 30, 2012

Long layers are one of the most popular types of haircuts for women today. This type of hairstyle is popular mostly because it’s a really versatile style of haircut that looks good on all different types of women. You can wear long layers regardless of what face shape you have, what color your hair is or what your ethnic background might be. A lot of women do realize that long layers are a great choice for them but they still have a lot of questions about getting their hair cut in this way.

Here’s a look at the top ten questions that women have about long layers:

1. How do I cut my hair in long layers? A lot of women are trying to do their own haircuts these days in order to save money by not going to a salon. They know that long layers are the way to go but they need detailed instructions on how to actually do the cutting. It’s probably better to go to a professional stylist but if you’re interested in learning how to cut your hair in long layers yourself then the video included at the top of this article should help you out.

2. Will I look good with long layers? A lot of women get really concerned about trying any new haircut. After all, a bad haircut can really make you feel miserable for awhile until it grows out. The terrific thing about long layers is that they work for almost everyone and they aren’t too dramatic so you probably won’t hate the cut even if for some reason you don’t end up loving it as much as you’d hoped you would.

3. How should I get my hair cut to have face-framing long layers? One of the greatest things about long layers is that they can be used to frame your face. If you want a really edgy look then you should have several layers that are bluntly cut. If you want a more sophisticated look then just a few layers that are razored or textured to create a wispy frame around the face would be a better way to go.

4. How should I style my long layers? This is a really common question that women have once they actually do have long layers. The good news is that you can play around with a lot of different styles when you have your hair cut in long layers. You can wear it up or down, blow it out or straighten it flat. Have fun trying out different styles with this haircut.

5. What products and tools should I use on my long layers? This goes along with the styling question but the short answer is that you can probably keep using whatever you’ve already been using on your hair. The long layers won’t change your need for a blow dryer, a hair straightener or a curling iron.

6. What is the difference between long layers and short layers? This is a really common question that women have. The answer is the obvious: long layers are long and short layers are short. To make it more clear, though, long layers are mostly the same length with the layering happening just at the bottom of the head. Short layers are cut up higher so the short layered look ends up being more dramatic.

7. Is it easy to change long layers to short layers? This is a complicated question. It’s basically an easy process but the resulting look might not be something that you love because the layers weren’t initially cut to look short. If you want to do this then you should get a professional haircut from a good salon. You want to work with someone who can understand what it is that you are trying to do with your hair and who can help you do it in a way that gives you the short layered results that you are looking to have.

8. Is it possible to thin out hair when getting long layers? People who have frizzy hair or very full hair don’t are afraid to get long layers because they think that this will make their heads have a little bit too much volume. They wonder if they can thin it out to make the haircut look right on them. The answer is yes. Work with a good stylist who knows how to do a proper haircut with thinning.

9. Where can I get a great long layered haircut? Women want to know where to go to get this haircut in their area. Unfortunately, there’s no easy answer to this once since it depends on where you live. Your best bet is to look around amongst your friends and see who has long layers that you like then ask them where they get their hair done.

10. Where can I see pictures of people with long layers? The best way to figure out what to do with your long layers is to look at pictures of other people who have this type of haircut. You should probably ask your stylist to point out some pictures in the hairstyle books that are kept at the salon. However, you can also use Google and Flickr to simply search for such images to find what you like. Also, a lot of celebrities sport long layers so celebrity blogs that have a lot of pictures are also a good place to look.


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  • Research Analyst profile image

    Research Analyst 7 years ago

    I tried to have long layers and I like the versatility and the fullness it brings to my hair.

  • profile image

    Hrithikslock 7 years ago

    By the way I am a beautiful lock on Hrithik’s head full of gorgeous hair! As I have observed, from my vantage point (of being on top of Hrithik’s head, duh!), a lot of you want glamourous locks…but (sigh, sigh) very few of you manage to look like me. So, I will try to be at my swishiest best and using my enviable position to best advantage, I’ll tell you the secrets of my beauty and of course, I’ll give you a glimpse of what goes on in Hrithik’s world. Follow my hair strands on See you there!

  • Suki C profile image

    Barbara C 8 years ago from Andalucia, Spain

    Hi Kathryn, ah - yes, I remember seeing that one in the past and it's pretty much what I do!

    Nan - do you mean me? No I'm not a beautician but it's pretty easy to do - just don't take too much off at first, It may seem ovious but it's easy to get carried away so, 'little by little' :))

  • Kathryn Vercillo profile image

    Kathryn Vercillo 8 years ago from San Francisco

    Hi Suki,

    Thanks for pointing out that the video was incorrect. I had used the wrong URL. It's the right one now!


  • Nan Mynatt profile image

    Nan Mynatt 8 years ago from Illinois

    Are you a beautician? I've cut my own hair for years. I don't like the way the beauticians cut it. They always cut it too short. You can learn to cut your own. This looks like a good hair cut.

  • Suki C profile image

    Barbara C 8 years ago from Andalucia, Spain

    Interesting hub with some good advice, but am I missing something? In your first point you say that the video will help show you how to cut long layers yourself but all it's showing is a stylist cutting someone else's hair! You certainly couldn't cut the back like this by yourself.

    I have cut layers myslf in the past using the method of tying my hair in a pony tail at the top of my head and then cutting across the hair at the top - it works pretty well!