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Top To Toe Lingerie For Men | Body Stockings

Updated on October 12, 2009

Bodystockings, hell yeah! Body stockings! If you love lingerie, you will love bodystockings. Yes you will. Have you tried a body stocking? Have you? Hmm? If not, add one to your 'to do' list. You'll be glad you did.

Don't know what a body stocking is? Body stockings are, quite literally stockings for the body. They're not great for women who need support in the chest department, but for men who just love the sensation of sheer nylon, they're perfect.

Coming in a wide range of styles, body stockings can be cut to simply be one long nylon sheath running from head to toe, or they may allow dips for cleavage, subtle cut outs designed to enhance a feminine shape, or the entire thing may be manufacured from wide gauge fishnet, making it a purely deorative piece.Body stockings also come in the saucy 'open crotch' variety, making for easy access and no need to take the entire thing off to relieve yourself, which is handy if you happen to have worn your new bodystocking to the office underneath your suit and think that undressing at the urinal might possibly earn you some strange looks.

There are as many styles of bodystockings as there are styles of traditional stockings, possibly more. Which one you choose depends entirely on your mood and preference. Fortunately for the man who just can't stop at one, body stockings are fairly cost effective. A single piece of lingerie which covers your entire body can be had for less than $15, which is more than I can say for most things in life.

Now I should warn you, body stockings have traditionally been associated with loose women and cat burglars. That's a heavy burden to bear for a man who just wants to wear a little lingerie, but if you think you can handle the stigma associated with looking really hot in a pseudo trashy sort of way, then you might be man enough for a body stocking.

I've included some pictures here of women wearing body stockings, it was a difficult challenge because the vast majority of pictures of women wearing bodystockings tend to be on the, how should I say it, erogenous side. If you would like to know just how naughty body stockings can get, a little research is sure to turn up a plethora of pictures of women acting as though a single strand of nylon running across their navel really is all the lingerie they'll need that day. Silly wabbits.


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    • Andybmondeo profile image

      Andybmondeo 7 years ago

      Jackie, i feel your pain, lolm and iwchpanties, dont shop around too hard, have a look at lingrie, they offer the biggest range i have found online, lace, fishnet and opaque bodytockings and price wise there unbeatable in my honest opinion and i ahve been buying these from all over for years !

      hope this helps, good luck and enjoy !

    • profile image

      iwhcpanties 8 years ago

      Hey Hope, Yes I am going to try a body stocking! I guess I will start shopping around to find a style I would like.

    • profile image

      jakkie 8 years ago

      I love lace body stockings. I used to have quiet a selection but a forced purge (at ex-wife's demanding) depleted my supply. However, your article has placed me in the minset of reordering!