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Top To Toe: Sexy Lingerie Outfits For Men

Updated on October 12, 2009

Lingerie is so versatile, and wearing lingerie can be as simple as slipping a pair of panties on under your work slacks, or as involved as dressing from top to toe in a bra, bustier, camisole or corset, sexy panties, suspenders and stockings, or even a body stocking, to name a few of the slinky lingerie delights that one can enjoy. Putting all these items together can be a bit of a challenge however, do it right, and you look and feel stunning, do it wrong and you look and feel like a neglected manikin in a shop window after a sustained looting spree.

It can sometimes be difficult to get inspired as to how to make up a lingerie outfit, so to get your lingerie creativity flowing, I've compiled a series of some unique, innovative, and downright hot lingerie sets.

Been Naughty?

Now this is hot. Incorporating a B/D feeling as well as evoking the laced stylings of a corset, this lingerie outfit is a perfect example of inventive lingerie. Essentially it is nothing more than suspenders, stockings, panties and a bra, but with a little extra styling along the top of the cups, and what can only be described as a corset for your ass, the designer has created something very unique and memorable.

You Can Leave Your Pants On...

Again, it is hard to go past this outfit for sheer inventiveness. The netting pants with a stylized garter effect really make this outfit. Then to add an extra touch of 'omg awesome', the halter bra and garter belt both feature a large metal buckle, making this one of the most masculine items of lingerie I think I've ever featured.


Ruffles! So often overlooked on lingerie outfits, this corset and panty set features some sexy ruffles prettying the whole thing up. All in all it's got a very pretty, almost anime vibe to it, so a great choice for fans of anime or manga.


More Ruffles! Now with extra Bow! I'm not sure whether this model is a real live woman or a sinister robot programmed to tear the heads off unsuspecting lovers, but either way, the outfit is cute and hot, the oversized bows giving a not so quiet nod to the (fairly hideous) trend that Sarah Jessica Parker spread on Sex and the City with her massive bow dress. Fortunately the designers of this outfit managed the style with a little more skill, and put together an altogether charming outfit. This does feature a little skirt, but on most men its more likely to fit you like a belt.


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