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Torsolette Lingerie | Bustier - Corset Hybrids

Updated on November 11, 2009

I recently discovered a whole new species of lingerie, the torsolette. What is a torsolette? Well it is kind of a cross between a bustier and a corset. It covers the body from the chest to the waist, and is much lighter than a corset, not being designed to truly cinch in the body, but rather to highlight and conform to its curves. Most torsolettes have removable straps for the shoulders and also detachable suspenders for the stockings, in other words it is kind of a corset-lite, and after purchasing and wearing one, I highly recommend it.

Why do I love my torsolette? Well, only does it look amazing, it is incredibly comfortable to wear. Compared to a corset, which can quickly feel very restrictive and which really does require two people to get into, a torsolette allows movement whilst still having that boned look. I also found that my body actually looked better in the torsolette because the torsolette did a lovely job of making the best of my curves, whereas the corset just tried to push them around and because I did not have it laced too tight (being laced into a corset isn't really my idea of fun,) it didn't flatter me as much as it could have done. Because the torsolette is made of a lighter fabric, you don't feel 'locked away' in the same way you can feel when you wear a corset.

The detachable straps and suspenders were also a huge bonus for me. They allow you to either wear the torsolette as kind of a feature piece, or they allow you to create a full length outfit of which the torsolette is a part. A torsolette is usually fastened in the back by a long strip of hook and eye studs, as a bra is. Unlike bras, which usually have about a maximum of three or four hooks and eyes, the torsolette has closer to 16. These make it fit snugly and make it much easier to put on than your average corset, in fact, if you have the right size, there is no reason why you couldn't fit it on all by yourself.

So, there you have it! If you have yet to discover the joys of the torsolette, I seriously encourage you to try one. I found it to be some of the most comfortable, yet entirely elegant lingerie I have worn in a long time.


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    • profile image

      rd 8 years ago

      I, too, love a torsolette. Having never run across any in local stores, I have had to resort to online ordering. As anyone can tell you, this can be a hit or miss in sizing. Usually a miss with my 6 foot height and they end up for sale on eBay. However, I have one I purchased on eBay that is a true winner. What I like about it most is the hook and eye closure is actually in the front and covered by a full length zipper. It gives just the right amount of support without making you feel like you're in an Iron Maiden. The straps and garters are removable and the cups have just the right amount of shaping. I can truely say that it does amazing things for my figure. A garment that will always be a "MUST HAVE" in my wardrobe.

    • profile image

      Cantsay 8 years ago

      I love the one in the picture, do you know where it's from? I am bidding on a similar one on eBay as we speak - thanks for enlightening me Hope! :)