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Total Gym Easy Body Building & Health Improvement

Updated on March 27, 2010

Total Gym

Total Gym
Total Gym

Using the Total Gym to Build the body you want

If your new to the Total Gym, then it will seem like just another fitness gimmick like all the rest of them that you see late night on cable channel infomercials.

First thing to tell you though is the Total Gym works! It works for me, and only because i use it. Ok you've heard that many times, but the total gym is actually good fun too.

Its easy to setup & covers a huge range of exercises, and can also be easily stored away if your short on space.

I have mine right beside my bed & setup all the time, I have an easy rule, and that is that everytime I'm in my bedroom, i have to have a go! LOL

You can just quickly jump on it and do some pull ups or crunchies.

I don't recommend using this for leg building though. The leg add on is totally flawed, and actually feels dangerous. But for crunches, pull ups, and tons of more arm style movements, the Total Gym is great!

Because of the angle, which can be set to various degrees very easily to suit your style, you can give your self an energy booster & toner with tons of movements at a lower angle.

Once you get the hang of the lower angles, then you can quite easily manage the highest setting. It works great for crunches especially when your arms are behind your head!

Checkout the pictures to get an idea how it works, and it can easily be stacked in your wardrobe, or under the bed, but be carefull, it can be dangerous if not respected. I woiuldn't recommend kids using this, as there could easily be a fall if you don't have any balance.

At the moment, i can do 50 pull ups at the highest setting, and 30 chrunchies.

The trick to keep your body in good condition is just do a few regularly. I would not bother going to the Gym, unless it was for different sets of exercises as you can get all the upper body building that you need from the Total Gym.

Also it is endoresed by none other than the Great Martial Artist, Chuck Norris.


Chuck Norris recommends total gym to get chicks.
Chuck Norris recommends total gym to get chicks.

Update on my holding bars

On my total gym the handle bars recently gave a slight crack.

Although you might think a fault at first, let me say that i was using an allan key instead of the recommended keys. This gave the bars on one side alot more unwanted movement causing the break.

So i wouldn't recommend using anything other than the supplied pieces.

I took it to a welders though & all is fitted back with an even stronger joint than the total gym is supplied with.

total gym buy options


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    • kaizan28 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Catsville

      Well your much taller than me, but you can defiantly add alot of muscle much easier than just powering it at your local gym, i would say the total gym won't make you a body builder, its just not that type of machine, its really best for people who already have an average physique, and want to tone up more, and do it easier. The gain will be around your chest and biceps muscles, so you might also want to look at a muscle building exercise for your legs too, even simple squats, good luck

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I would just like ur opinion on what the total gym might be able to do for me. Im 6 ft 2, and only 160 Ibs. Would this convenient piece of equipment be adequate to eventually reach a clean 200 Ibs?


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