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Totes Umbrella

Updated on June 10, 2011

Totes Umbrella

Totes umbrellas are possibly the most popular if not cheap umbrellas on the market. Whether you are looking for a clear umbrella or a mini umbrella, you will find what you are looking for in a tote umbrella. Totes are one of the best and largest manufacturers of umbrellas and are know for their reliability as well as their wide choice of styles. In some respects they are one of the 'good old firms', one that believes in the value of the product that they create and are not simply churning them out for the money (though of course, they like to make a profit too).

Whether you are looking for a stylish black umbrella or a funky printed umbrella, Totes will have it!

A Totes Umbrella for Everyone

The great news too is that totes umbrellas are very affordable which is good news considering the weather in the UK (and I'm sure in the US too!).

It seems a long time since carrying an umbrella was a sign of wealth and class, the city gent with his briefcase and umbrella. These days you are equally likely to see a young teenager with a funky umbrella as you are a serious looking businessman with his serous black umbrella.

Of course, as well as the umbrella, there is the parasol to consider; however parasols are primarily designed to protect us from the sun, something we, in the Northern hemisphere, are less concerned about.

Often called brollies, especially in the UK, the term actually originates from the Greek 'ombros' meaning 'shade' and that is something we get plenty of in the UK with all the grey cloud cover that we see most days of the year!

So which totes umbrella is for you? A nice old fashioned staid black one or a funky printed totes umbrella? Whichever you decide, you can be sure of good quality with a totes umbrella.

And if you really want to be different, well there are those very silly umbrella hats which I suspect most of us would not be seen dead in! Especially when we can carry our stylish totes umbrella!


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