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How To: Touch Up Your Red Hair

Updated on March 25, 2013
What you want your hair to look like.
What you want your hair to look like.

What's Happening?

It has been one month since I first dyed my hair brilliant red. Showering and using heating tools has caused my hair to turn to an unattractive burnt orange color. Because the molecules in red hair dye are much larger than other hair dyes, the molecules cannot attach to the hair shaft as easily. With each wash, your color is pouring down the drain, staining your shower and possibly your skin.

Let's get you back to Rihanna red!

If you haven't seen my first Hub "Color Your Hair Red", there is a link below.

Manic Panic

When I went back to Sally's I deliberated on the different semi-permanent dyes I could use. Manic Panic has a Vegan line with beautiful shades of red. I chose to use Infra Red which was a little darker than the red I had previously used. I wanted to even out my color, because my roots were much lighter and brighter than the rest of my hair. However, they also carry other shades of red including a darker red called Vampire Red. Choose your red!

Manic Panic conditions the hair, which in my case was perfect. If you previously bleached or lightened your hair, you don't want to use a color that will process your hair more.

Application and Results

To color my entire head (shoulder length medium thickness) I used almost the entire container of dye. If you have longer hair you may want to buy more than one. I wore black latex gloves and used a color application brush to apply the color all over my head.

If you want to to darken your roots to match the rest of you hair, apply the dye to your roots first. The container says to let the dye sit for 30 minutes, but because it is not damaging to your hair, you can leave it on longer. I chose to leave mine on for one hour.

The result was a deep wine colored red. My hair felt silky and was very shiny after being blow dried. It turned out fabulous and my hair even colored and appears to have highlights! I love it!

Caught red handed! Use gloves or this could be you!
Caught red handed! Use gloves or this could be you!


This product bleeds like crazy! I showered and my body looked like I sunbathed for a little too long. I had red streaks from my neck, down my chest, butt and legs. It isn't permanent, but it is annoying.

I don't suggest going to bed with wet hair. While your hair is wet, the color will stain your clothes, pillow and pillowcase. I had just bought new sheets and was very upset with myself for not thinking ahead.

When applying the product, cover your bathroom floor, counters, and walls with plastic. This will prevent any splattering from staining. However, if you do get it on your counter (I did), use a bathroom cleaner with bleach and let it sit for 30 seconds. It wipes off pretty easy!


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