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Traditional Jewelry of India

Updated on March 30, 2011

Variations in Style State Wise

India has been known to the entire world for its exclusive jewelleries and ornaments. Ornaments and jewellery is an integral part of every Indian woman’s life. There is jewellery for each and every occasion, for age as well as region. India is a composite fabric of diverse culture and heritage and just the way, the clothes, the cuisine changes with geographical change, there is a change in the way people wear their jewellery. Each and every state of the nation has an individual style statement and a particular cultural association. Let us therefore take a look at the different jewellery trends in different parts of India.

Jewellery in North India

We shall begin with the northernmost part of the country. Himachal Pradesh, to begin with, is famous for fine jewellery crafted out of gold and silver. The places like Kullu, Chamba, Kangra, Mandi, are known for the expertise at the art of enameling. Kangra, once upon a time Rajput kingdom, was known for exquisite skills in silver craft. The pahari women, till date are very fond of coin jewellery, as well as jewellery made of glass or ‘kaanch’, beads, etc. Chunky jewellery is the trademark of this state. Rajasthan, on the other hand is famous for its extensive use of lac in jewellery making. The beautiful women of the desert adorn themselves with bright and colorful lac ornaments. Lac is the secretion of quite a number of insects. The secretion is red in color and is resinous.

Jewellery in West India

An upper armlet is worn by women in Rajasthan. The armlet, though found to be worn by some tribal women in Gujarat as well, has a special association with ornamentation in Rajasthan.

Traveling to the west, in Maharashtra, we see a big change in the way women use jewellery. Customs require married women to wear a ring on their nose. Almost every Marathi woman can be spotted wearing a beautifully crafted piece of ring on the nose. There is a lot of use of gold and silver and less of beads and glass, lac, etc.

Gujarat is a state that has its own, exclusive way of ornamentation. The Kundan and Pachchikam jewellery of the Gujarat and Kutch region are known to the entire nation. The Kundan jewellery is an intricate way of setting a gemstone in piece of jewellery. Artistically crafted Kundan jewellery from Gujarat is highly priced and makes the state proud of its heritage. Each and every region of the nation has a particular flavor to celebrate and to explore.

Jewellery in South India

Moving to the southern part of India, we can see an extensive use of gold in jewellery making. Gold is considered to be an auspicious metal and is used extensively, without much inclusion of gems and stones. Gold in its pure form is preferred over most other metals and precious stones. South Indian women, love to wear gold jewellery and gold is seen as an integral part of their regular wear as well.

Jewellery in East India

Finally, we reach the Eastern part of the nation that includes the states of Bengal and Orissa. The states have a similar kind of style when it comes to clothing and jewellery. Bengal is famous for its fine filigree work.

India is a proud country that has a rich and bright variety to showcase in cuisine, dressing and jewellery.


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